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Dishonored 2: A Crack in the Slab – Low Chaos

by Prima Games Staff

After the events of the past chapter, the player must now infiltrate Stilton Mansion and take out Aramis Stilton. In this guide, we will show you how to complete this entire mission using stealth so you can achieve a Low Chaos Rating.

Discover Delilah’s Secrets

You arrive at Stilton’s Mansion to discover that it isn’t very well guarded. This means you can freely explore the place, so go ahead and look around and grab any items you spot. Once you are ready to move on, though, head up the steps and approach Aramis’ private quarters before dropping into his music room through a hole in the floor. Chat with Stilton, and then talk to the Outsider to receive the Timepiece, a new gadget with some interesting powers.

Once the cut scene ends, get used to the Timepiece. This special device allows you to switch between the present and the past, when Stilton’s life changed forever. You’ll need to use this throughout the entire mansion to progress through the mission, so get used to switching often and quickly. There are a ton of items to collect in this area, but we won’t be covering them all here in order to save space and time.

Find the Combination to the Study

After you explore the mansion and are ready to continue the mission, head to the past and listen to a group of Guards chatting. Once they leave, head back to the present and approach the barricade at the main door. Switch back to the past to move past the barrier and reacquire the freedom you so crave.

Move down the hall and take a look at the Guards off in the distance. There is a door to the right that leads into the kitchen where you need to go to progress, but you’ll need to get the Kitchen Key before you can enter there. Transition back to the present and look for a cabinet across the room from the door where you entered to find the Kitchen Key. Grab it then switch back to the past and head inside.

Once inside, change back to the present and head out of a damaged window and into an open area. Move through the doors on the left, and pull out your trust Crossbow to help take out the two Wolfhounds in the next area. Take them out from afar, and then climb to the upper part of the room towards your waypoint. Switch back to the past and take out the Veteran in front of you. Once he is down, head out of the door to exit the mansion and make your way into the backyard of the mansion.

Head to the edge of the railing ahead of you and pull out your Spyglass to spot some enemies below. Put your Spyglass up, then sneak down along the hallway to the right. Climb up some supports at the end of the hallway and crouch to advance through the area. Listen in on Stilton for a moment. Use the Timepiece to swap back to the present, and pull out your Crossbow.

There are some Wolfhounds here, so take them out using your Bolts and then move to the gazebo where Stilton could be seen in the past. Climb onto the railing at the back and use the Timepiece again. Grab the combination, but immediately transition back to the present to keep from being spotted.

The things you do in the past affect how the game plays out in the present when using the Timepiece. Because of this, there are three possible endings to Stilton’s character. We’re going to leave him how he is when you first find him, however, you can experiment with other ways during additional playthroughs.

Get into the Study

Your next objective is to gain access to the study. Follow your waypoint back through the yard, switching to the past anytime that your path is blocked. There are two Elite Guards near the mansion entrance, so lure one over and knock them out before taking out the second one. Sleep Darts are also an option, just be wary of your current ammo situation before wasting it.

Keep following the waypoint to locate the studio, and be wary of enemies in the area. You’ll have to be in the past in order to unlock the door, as the lock is broken in the present. Wait to transition to the past until you are right on top of the door, and input the code to open it up. Move through the study and into the room below. Watch the events unfold and pay careful attention. Everything happening here is extremely important to the story. Once the scene plays out, head out of the mansion and back towards the Dust District.

You’ll instantly be transported to the Void at this point. Simply follow the Outsider and listen to everything he says. He’ll explain a few things, as well as show you a few more things, before returning you to the main world. There aren’t any challenges here, so don’t sweat it. Just pay attention.

All that’s left to do after you return to the main world is run back to the Dust District and locate Captain Foster and Sokolov near the skiff. They’ll take you back to the Dreadful Wale where you can speak with them and prepare for the next mission.

Talk to Captain Foster when you are ready to continue your journey in The Grand Palace, or head back to our Dishonored 2 walkthrough for more tips, tricks, and guides to help you survive the dangers of the Empire of Isles.

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