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Dishonored 2: The Good Doctor – Low Chaos

by Prima Games Staff

This article will serve as a complete walkthrough for The Good Doctor, the third chapter of Dishonored 2. In this guide we will show you how to complete all of the mission objectives with a Low Chaos rating.

Get a Map of Addermire Institute

The electric carriage that you boarded in the previous chapter, Edge of the World, will take you to Addermire Institute, the location of your next objective. Here you’ll need to find the Crownkiller and put an end to their murderous spree. Disembark from the carriage and head up the steps to the small building ahead of you.

There are three Guards in this small room, wait for them to finish chatting, and then follow the Guard who leaves off to patrol the area. Take him out and then return to the room and wait for the second Guard to leave. Knock him out as well, then return to the room and take out the last Guard. There are now two paths you can take. The path to the right leads to a Raw Whalebone, so make sure to grab that for later use. Then head back past the small room in the center and down the left path until you reach a cliffedge.

Follow the cliffs around until you reach a window that lets you into the facility. Crawling through the window will put you in the pantry and kitchen area. This area doesn’t hold that much loot, so go ahead and sneak your way out to the dining hall.

There are plenty of Guards in this area, so be careful as you make your way through. You can use noise to lure out one pair of the enemies in the area. We suggest making some noise behind the curtain to the left of the area, and then hiding until one of the Guards comes to investigate. When they start to return to their table, sneak out and take them down. Now all that’s left to do is use your Sleep Darts to take out the other diners in the area.

With the diners down, it’s time to knock out the guy on the furthest side of the room, to the right. He’s super easy to sneak up on, so take him out and then grab the Rune from the middle of the hall. Make sure you move all the bodies into the pantry to keep them hidden.

Head out the gate to the right and take out the Guard nearby. We suggest luring him away with some noise, and then sneaking up behind him and taking him out. Make sure to hide the body to keep other Guards from noticing. There’s another Guard patrolling, so wait for him to turn away, then sneak up and knock him out as well.

You should spot a Wall of Light before you at this point. To turn it off use your Far Reach power and warp to the top area where you can grab a Whale Oil Tank. This will disable the Wall of Light, allowing you to pass through. There is a map in the main hallway, so make sure to look at it to complete your current objective.

Find Dr. Hypatia’s Office

Move forward to the main stairs in this area and wait for the patrolling Guard to come down into view. Hide and wait for him to move past you, then take him out and move his body to the previous area. This will hide him from other enemies. With the body hidden, head up the steps to the second floor and look out for the Elite Guard hanging around the area. If you wait for a moment she’ll begin to relax, which is a perfect time to strike. Head back to the stairs and look for an open door. Head through the door to find another route you can take that leads to a Guard patrolling a balcony area. This clears the open area of the second floor, for now.

Head back to the stairs and make some noise to bring another Guard running down to investigate the area. Wait for him to turn back towards the upper level, then knock him out and hide his body out of sight. Use Far Reach to warp to the chandelier above the second Guard on the next level up, then use a Drop Takedown to knock him out.

Make your way up to the fourth floor, but crouch and sneak near the top. There are two Guards here, so you’ll need to wait for them to leave on their respective patrols. Once they move up the terrace and split in different directions, follow one and knock him out. Then take out the other using a Sleep Dart. You can explore this area for some goodies, however, your objective is near the stairs where you entered the area. Approach the office and read the notice left on the door to learn more about the current situation.

With the note read, head inside and search everything in the room. You can find some goodies here, but you’ll also find a journal on the floor that can tell you more about the Institute and what is happening here. Search the desk to find Dr. Hypatia’s Key.

Find and Talk to Hamilton

The next step of your mission is to find and talk to Hamilton. The key you just grabbed will open up the doors on the second floor, so return to the floor and use the key to get through. There are a plethora of Guards in this area, though, so be careful as you sneak inside.

Stop just inside the doorway and wait for the Guard in front of you to move away and talk to another Guard. He might look like a “safe takedown”, but his position is closely watched by an Elite Guard further in the room. Wait for the two to meet up, chat for a moment, and then split off from each other. This is your change to choke out the first Guard and move his body out into the hallway, out of sight. Now sneak up behind the Elite Guard and knock her out as well. All that is left to do now is use the key from Dr. Hypatia’s office to open up the door marked on your HUD. Inside you’ll meet Hamilton, the man you need to talk to. He’ll tell you more about the Crown Killer.

Search Hamilton’s Quarters

After speaking with Hamilton, grab Hamilton’s Quarters Key from the pan behind him. This will give you access to the next location you need to visit. Head back out the area and take the stairs up to the very top. There is a more private set of stairs around the corner. Follow the hallway and then head up the steps. Be wary of the Bolt-Thrower tripwire in the stairwell.

At the top of the steps you will find a door that can be unlocked using the key you acquired after talking to Hamilton. This key will give you access to Hamilton’s private quarters, which could contain valuable clues to the Crown Killer and his agenda. There is a ton of loot in here, including a Blueprint, however, the main piece you want to grab in this area is Hamilton’s diary, which can be found in the back of the room.

Reading Hamilton’s diary will lead you to your next objective, and another area of the institute.

Find Vasco

Make your way back up to the third floor and unlock the doors to your right. There are a ton of Bloodflies in the Recuperation area of the institute, so be ready for a fight. Take out any nests as you move through the area, and follow your waypoint through the area and to a set of stairs that lead down. Follow the steps to a serious of laboratories, where you can find Dr. Hypatia. Talking to her will update your objective.

Continue through the area, looting everything you find, and look for Vasco in the back of the lab area. Make sure to loot everything you want before talking to Vasco, as the conversation that you have with him will push the story forward fairly quickly. Once you are ready to face the Crown Killer, head to the back and speak with Vasco.

Locate Vasco’s Journal

Head back out of the Recuperation area and down to the second floor, near where you met Hamilton. If you have explored this area already, then you should already know about the safe in the office in the back. If you haven’t explored, go ahead and grab any loot you find. When you locate the safe, use the passcode that Vasco gave you to open it up and retrieve Vasco’s Journal from inside.

Reading the journal will lead you to the lab next door. Open it up and grab a Syringe from the counter. With the Syringe in hand, head back to the dead body in the nearby Bloodfly area. Take a sample from the body, then head back to the lab to make a Serum that you’ll need for the next section of the mission. With the final product in hand, head back to the Recuperation area on the third floor.

Take out the Crown Killer

It seems Dr. Hypatia is in trouble, and the only way to save her is to stop the Crown Killer in their tracks. Thankfully we’re going to show you how to complete this part of the game without affecting your Low Chaos or Merciful rating.

This part of the mission is simple. Follow the waypoints on your HUD to locate the Crown Killer. They won’t know you’re coming, so make sure to use your stealth and sneaking skills. Use the columns for cover, and make use of Dark Vision, if you can, to keep an eye on the Crown Killer’s position.

When you have a clear shot, sneak up behind the Crown Killer and use the Syringe on them. This will inject them and complete the primary objective for this mission. Now all that’s left to do is find Dr. Sokolov. To do this, head into the lab and look for an Audiograph in the corner of the room. This will give you a clue to Sokolov’s location.

Disable the Watchtower

With the Crown Killer taken out, and the institute looted, it’s time to make your way out and meet up with Captain Foster. First, though, you’ll need to take out the Watchtower near the area. Make your way back to the first floor and unlock the door in the kitchen area. There are two enemies here, an Elite Guard and a normal Guard. Make some noise to lure one of the Guards out, then take them out with a swift choking. Sneak up behind the other Guard and knock them out as well. The walkway area is clear of any enemy sightlines now, so Far Reach up to the Watchtower and remove the Whale Oil from the tank on the side of the tower.

With the Watchtower shut down, head down to the lower docks and meet up with Captain Foster to leave the area and board the Dreadful Wale once more.

Shut off the Water

You awaken on the Dreadful Wale once more. Head out into the hallway and read off the maintenance list on the small table. Afterwards have a chat with Captain Foster. Don’t follow her, though. Instead, enter the briefing room and look for a valve wheel on the table next to some tools. Take the wheel and then head to the boiler room (marked by a waypoint on your HUD), and install the wheel onto the marked pipe. This will allow you to turn off the water and keep the Dreadful Wale in tip-top condition. With the ship in good condition, head up to the deck and approach Captain Foster, who is standing beside the skill, waiting to take you to the next chapter of your journey.

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