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Dishonored 2: A Long Day in Dunwall – Stealth and Low Chaos

by Prima Games Staff

Dishonored 2 is now officially out, and fans everywhere are diving into the newest story featuring Corvo Attano and Emily Kaldwin. This article will show you how to complete the first mission of the game using stealth techniques that will earn you a Low Chaos rating.

Escape the Imperial Chambers

After the introduction cutscene you will be given a chance to choose between two characters, Corvo Attano or Emily Kaldwin. While it is completely possible to complete the stealth and Low Chaos walkthrough using Corvo, we decided to focus on Emily, as her abilities and powers give her more room for stealth movements. Because this guide focuses on her and her powers, we suggest playing through the game the first time using Emily as your character.

After you have chosen your character you will witness a few more cutscenes. After they finish you will find yourself inside a small room in the upper level of Dunwall Tower. This is where the game officially begins, so get ready to dive in deep and get started.

Once you have control of your character, look around the room and scoop up any goodies that might be worth something. You’ll want to eat any nearby food to restore your health, and then read the Documents on the desk for additional backstory. Your objective at this point is to escape the Imperial Chambers. After you’ve finished scouring the room for resources, turn and locate the window on the far side of the room. Head over to it, open it up, and then climb out.

While crouched, sneak your way across the ledge outside to find an open window. The second window is your way of escape. Once you enter the hallway beyond you’ll be tasked to check up on Alexi Mayhew. Speak with her to find out what is going on, and then take the blade that she offers up. You can also grab some spare change from the cabinets around the area before moving forward. Make sure to grab the Audience Request document next to Alexi.

Make your way down the hall. Your next step is to knock our Mortimer Ramsey. But approaching him isn’t that easy. Continue down the hall, where you will find a bathroom. You can loot it for additional resources, or just continue past it to the next room, which will lead you to a Guard. The Guard has his back turned to you, so creep on up to him and take him out with a non-lethal attack. Remember that the key to this walkthrough is to complete it with Low Chaos, which means you cannot kill anybody in the game, no matter who tough things get.

With the Guard down, grab the key off his body and stick close to the floor in a crouched position. You’ll be moving in this fashion quite a bit, so get used to it. You can use the key to unlock the room to your right, which also happens to be the room that you were being held in. With the first Guard down, head down the stairs, careful not to make too much noise as another Guard lies in wait below.

Once on the lower level, take out the Guard silently, then open up the door that leads into the throne room. Mortimer Ramsey, your first target, and two of his Guards are inside. They can’t see you enter, though, so go ahead and make your way inside, using the pillars to your right as cover. Patience is a key component to this portion of the game, and many other parts, so simply wait until Mortimer excuses himself from the Guards and heads towards you.

Wait for Mortimer to pass you by, then sneak up to him and knock him out. You can loot him to regain Emily’s special Signet Ring. With Mortimer knocked out, pick him up using the carry option, and then make your way back up the steps towards Alexi. There is a special Safe Room here that can only be opened with the Signet Ring, so open it up and dump Mortimer’s body inside. You can also go ahead and grab any loot in the room. Once you have looted the area, hit the button next to the door to lock it and keep Mortimer from escaping when he wakes up. Now, head to the door at the other end of the room to exit Dunwall Tower.

Reach the Boat

After exiting the tower, head through a short passageway and then out the door at the end of the area. Use the ledge to the right of Emily’s position to climb down the tower, and look out for the single Guard waiting below. Here you’ll learn to use Drop Takedowns, which are especially key to surviving certain circumstances throughout the story.

Head over the next wall after the guard, and then drop onto the lighting pole to observe a group of Guards in the streets below. These is way too many Guards to take out stealthily on your own, especially without the use of any abilities and powers, which Emily does not yet have access to. Because of this you’ll need to take things slowly and be very careful.

Wait for the Guards to split up and move away from each other. At this point you have several options. The building to your right is full of Guards and bullets. You can ignore it for this playthrough. The building on the left, however, has some interesting loot that is worth a good amount of money. Head inside it and loot it if you wish to.

Once you have finished looting, or decided not to loot, head down the main street, careful to stay out of the site of the Guards patrolling the area. Follow the road, but split off to the side before you reach the next group of enemies. You should see a man making an announcement. Sneak up towards him and then head to the right before reaching him. There are some ledges above you which you will want to climb up to.

Knock out the Guard patrolling the upper ledges, and be sure to hide him before moving on. If you want to, you can then wait for the second Guard patrolling the area to come around, and then knock him out as well.

With both Guards down, continue up the route along the main road (you should be moving just to the side of the main road, out of sight of any Guards patrolling it). Make sure to be quiet, or you will draw the attention of your enemies. Continue up the path, climbing up a group of pallets next to a dumpster. This will lead you to a yard.

Ignore the Guard in this area, as his location can be seen by others on the main road. Instead, head past him using the alleyway to your right. You’ll encounter civilians in this area, and other areas of the game. Ignore them. They won’t alert the enemy to your presence, so you can quietly move past them without stressing about them seeing you. There is a Guard here, though. So, watch for him and then take him out once he is far enough away from the civilians to cause any ruckus. You can hide him in a nearby dumpster, as this will keep any citizens of the city from freaking out if they find him.

Ignore the building here if you aren’t very good at playing the game stealthily. However, if you have confidence in your sneaking skills, there are several valuable items inside that you can grab. There are three Guards in the area, though, and the items are hidden behind glass, so you will make a lot of noise trying to grab them.

Continue forward to the Fish Market, and head to the edge of the market to spot an overhang that you can jump to below. Once you have reached the mattress below, sneak forward into the area and up the street to find a large vat that you can crawl under. There is a Guard sitting on a crate just beside the vat, so take him out and then make your way to the worker’s yard.

Once through the worker’s yard you will reach the main street once more, where you will need to take out another Guard. Knock him out and carry him back into the previous area to hide his body amongst the corpses. With the Guard taken care of, keep an eye out for any patrolling Guards, as they sometimes watch this area. When the coast is clear, head forward across the road and down into the water, where you can swim out to the large ship. Climb up the side of the ship and talk to the captain to complete the mission.

Get the Outsider’s Mark

After arriving on the ship, Emily will head off to get some rest. She’ll awaken in her cabin on the ship, however, something is a bit weird about the whole situation. You should try to open the door; however, you’ll find that something has caused it to lock, and you can’t get out that way. If you turn around, the back wall of your cabin will vanish, and Emily will get her first glimpse of the Void.

Move forward to trigger the Outsider’s arrival. He’ll talk briefly about the abilities that he can grant you. If you refuse to accept the abilities you will continue throughout the rest of the game without any abilities at all. This isn’t a viable tactic for a Low Chaos playthrough, so make sure you accept the abilities to continue the mission.

Accepting the Outsider’s Mark will grant you Far Reach, one of Emily’s signature abilities. You’ll also be given a brief tutorial of how to use the ability. It works similarly to Corvo’s Blink ability, however, it does have more motion involved, so make sure you account for the difference when using it. We aren’t going to go into too much detail about this part of the game, as it basically works as a tutorial to show you how abilities work and how to find Runes. Once you finish up in the Void, it is time to move on to the final part of this portion of the walkthrough.

Talk to Captain Foster

Once you awaken from your trip to the Void, you’ll be tasked with a new objective to meet with Meagan Foster. Look around your room, gather any loot you see, and then take note of the new Crossbow hanging by the door. There’s also a note beside it. Take the weapon, and the note. The note, which is from Captain Foster, tells you about special Black Markets where you can purchase items and weapons for your arsenal. Be on the lookout for these places as you explore the various locations in Dishonored 2, as they will often be marked by a symbol of two hands.

Get used to carrying the Crossbow, as it will become one of your greatest tools for success during this Low Chaos walkthrough. Head out of the cabin door and onto the lower level. You can explore a bit if you’d like, but once you are ready to continue the game, head into the briefing room and climb out of the open porthole in the hull of the ship. Shimmy along the edge of the ship outside, and then crawl back in through another open porthole on your right.

There are some items in this room, however you can ignore more of them as they don’t help with a Low Chaos playthrough. Follow the marker on your HUD to navigate the ship and meet Captain Meagan Foster. Listen to the briefing, grab everything you need out of the area, and then head to the upper deck of the ship and meet with the captain again to start the next part of the game.

You can continue to our stealth walkthrough for Edge of the World, or head back to our Dishonored 2 walkthrough and guide for more tips, tricks, and guides to help you take down your enemies and save Dunwall.

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