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Leaked Destiny 2 Audio Files Reveal the Possible Return of Exo Stranger and Her Origins

by Liana Ruppert

We’ve seen a lot of returning faces in Destiny 2, but that doesn’t mean we’ve seen everyone we’ve grown closer to in the first game from Bungie. For those wondering where our mysterious helper Exo Stranger is in Destiny 2, a new leaked audio file seems to suggest she’ll be making her comeback here soon! 

Bungie has done a phenomenal job when it comes to keeping updates rolling for the popular online game, with new events, changes, PvP elements, and reward incentives to keep the experience from growing stale. While many Guardians are enjoying the return of Trials, there is still so much more on the way to be excited about – both new and familiar.

In a new Destiny 2 leaked audio file shared over on the game’s subreddit, there was a sourced video linking back to a Chinese site called Youku. In this video, there was an exchange that sounds like Exo Stranger conversing with Emperor Calus and while the video itself was taken down, the audio files remain. 

For the four audio clips, take a listen with the files in the embed below! If for some reason the Reddit post isn’t populating, you can also find the link right here. 

4 new .FLAC audio files were leaked for the next event from r/DestinyTheGame

The Reddit user mentioned that the audio files were in .FLAC, which is a file type typically reserved for cinematic rendered clips, meaning this is likely an excerpt from a new story cutscene. Bungie loves their cutscenes for new cinematic intros, and we love them for it, and if the below audio is any indicator? Our collaboration with Rasputin is far from over. 

In the above files, the “unidentified woman” sounds like Exo and she can be heard speaking with Rasputin, Calus, and something to do with Ana Bray’s family, which has been its own source of intrigue in the past. Lending to make that complicated past even more so, the audio files seem to also suggest that Exo is Bray’s sister: Elsie. 

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With a good chunk of the game’s focus centering around Mars currently, especially concerning The Lie quest, it would make sense then that a reveal of Bray’s family would be inline with current content plans. That, and Exo Stranger has always been a source of interest for the Destiny 2 player community. 

Bungie has mentioned in the past that the journey is far from over, so if Exo Stranger is coming back, it’s likely to happen this year with the major drops set for Summer and Fall. 

What do you think about the above audio files? Do you think the leaked Destiny 2 audio files are indeed of Exo Stranger and how do you think that will tie into the bigger story? Sound off with your thoughts over on Twitter @PrimaGames, we’d love to hear your lore predictions! 

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