Xenoblade Chronicles 3 All Hero Characters and How to Unlock Them

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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 All Hero Characters and How to Unlock Them

Aside from your regular party which you will spend your entire adventure with in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, there is also a considerable amount of Hero characters that will join you temporarily during the story, or that need to be unlocked by completing certain side quests. Think of them as guest characters or hidden characters that can join your party and bring in some unique classes that you can pluck skills from and add to your main characters. Here are all Hero characters and how to unlock them in XC3.

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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 All Hero Characters and How to Unlock Them

Check out the complete list of all unlockable Hero characters in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. In the list below you will see the Hero’s name, role, class, and how to unlock them.

Silvercoat Ethel (Defender / Flash Fencer)

  • How to Unlock: Unlocking Ethel comes as a part of the main story in early Chapter 3.

Artificer Valdi (Healer / War Medic)

  • How to Unlock: Also a part of the story, Valdi comes in the later part of Chapter 3.

Dutiful Zeon (Defender / Guardian Commander)

  • How to Unlock: Revisit Colony 9 in Chapter 3 and complete the side quest named “Where the Heart is”.

Inscrutable Teach (Healer / Thaumaturge)

  • How to Unlock: Revisit Colony Gamma in Chapter 3 and complete the side quest named “Shadow of Enmity”.

Peerless Riku & Manana (Attacker / Yumsmith)

  • How to Unlock: Unlocking Riku & Manana as 2 in 1 hero characters is a part of the main story at the end of Chapter 3.

Ashenpelt Gray (Attacker / Full Metal Jaguar)

  • How to Unlock: In Chapter 3 once you gain Wall Climb ability and complete “A Gray Matter” quest, climb the vines at the eastern part of the Aetia map.

Dawnhero Isurd (Healer / Strategos)

  • How to Unlock: Found in Chapter 4 by completing the “Unwavering Resolve” quest in Colony Lambda.

Ghostbow Juniper (Attacker / Stalker)

  • How to Unlock: Unlocking Ghostbow Juniper comes as a part of the main story in Chapter 4.

Undying Blade Ashera (Defender / Lone Exile)

  • How to Unlock: Unlocked at the end of Chapter 4 in the quest “The Wrath of Ashera”.

Craftmaiden Alexandria (Attacker / Incursor)

  • How to Unlock: Can be unlocked as early as Chapter 3 by completing the quest “Her Reasons”, a very weird quest that requires you to get into many optional fights with lvl40 enemies. For this one, we might publish a separate in-depth article since it is kinda tricky.

City’s Bulwark Monica (Defender / Lost Vanguard)

  • How to Unlock: As a part of the story in Chapter 5 after you finish the “Vandham’s Heir” quest.

Proudbanner Fiona (Healer / Signifer)

  • How to Unlock: Also, part of Chapter 5 main story, through the quest “Transparent Dreams” found in the western part of Erythia Sea.

Defiant Triton (Attacker / Soulhacker)

  • How to Unlock: Chapter 5, the eastern side of Erythia Sea, after the quest “Doing It My Way”.

Wrathfist Ghondor (Attacker / Martial Artist)

  • How to Unlock: Unlocked as a part of the story during early Chapter 6.

Glorysong Miyabi (Healer / Troubadour)

  • How to Unlock: Unlocked as a part of the story in later Chapter 6, quest “Side Story: Mio”.

Smoldering Cammuravi (Attack / Seraph)

  • How to Unlock: Available to unlock during Chapter 6 in the upper part of Aetia, the quest is called “Inhumanity”. Before attempting to unlock, be sure that you have finished the “Severed Connection” quest before.


Nia, Queen of Agnus (Healerr / Lifesage)

  • How to Unlock: After you finish the game and credits roll out, in post-game visit Cloudkeep.

Melia, Queen of Keves (Attacker / Royal Summoner)

  • How to Unlock: Same as Nia, in the post-game visit Keves Castle 1F.

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