WoW Pirate Day Event Date and Rewards


An obsidian Highland Drake wearing the 2023 Pirate Day themed Armor.

Update: To get the Highland Drake: Pirates’ Day Armor, Speak with Dread Captain DeMaza in Booty Bay. It can be purchased from her for 50,000 gold. You got the booty, don’t you?

National “Talk Like a Pirate Day” might be another of the ceaseless micro-holidays America invents to distract us from the soul-crushing grind of late-stage capitalist employment, but that doesn’t mean.. uh.. what was I talking about?

Oh right, World of Warcraft has a Pirate Day too! And it has a cool new cosmetic reward for you Highland Drake mount! Yeah yeah yeah! Everything’s gonna be okay.

WoW Pirate Day Event Date

Pirate Day lines up with Talk Like a Pirate Day, which lands on September 19. This 24 hour event is only accessible once a year, so either suffer the FOMO or clear your calendar for at least a little game time that day. After all, there are some pretty nice rewards for participating, including an achievement that’s only available one day a year.

WoW Pirate Day 2023 Rewards

The event takes place in Booty Bay in Stranglethorn Vale, and besides getting the achievement “The Captain’s Booty,” you can acquire a few limited-time event items as well. Captain DeMaza (who you’ll need to drink with during the 24-hour window to get the mentioned achievement) sells a “Big Bag of Booty,” allowing you to recreate RuneScape’s infamous drop parties by throwing lootable piles of gold around on the ground.

An obsidian Highland Drake wearing the 2023 Pirate Day Themed armor.
Image via Prima Games

But most importantly of all, you’ll be able to earn a new pirate-themed armored saddle for your Highland Drake – one of the five dragonriding mounts you gain access to during the Dragonflight expansion. Since the event has been updated for this year, we aren’t sure exactly what needs to be done to get the armor, but I’ll update the article promptly as soon as we find out!

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