How to Level An Alt in WoW Quickly

Did your class also lose the tier set art design lottery? Maybe it's time for a reroll

Whether you’re a returning player or someone who’s had their fill of current endgame content, now’s a great time to level a(nother) character in WoW for a couple reasons. The chief benefit, of course, comes in the form of Dreamsurges and their associated experience buff. These only apply to the Dragon Isles of course, but don’t worry: I have just the trick for getting there quickly.

Leveling From 1 to 58 Quickly in WoW

The quickest way to do this is currently going to be the Timewalking Dungeons. These are fast, easy, and grant a whole heap of xp on completion. What’s more, you can earn additional rewards by completing these dungeons and acquiring Timewarped Badges. For 5000, you can even get a mount! During currently active Wrath of the Lich King Timewalking, you can get your hands on the Ironbound Wraithcharger, pictured below.

Image via Wowhead.

You can maximize experience gains by playing specializations that are more sought-after in dungeons, by which I of course mean tanks and healers. When you aren’t in dungeon, spend your time waiting in queue knocking out a few easy quests – nothing slows down experience like standing around!

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Leveling From 58 to 70 Quickly in WoW

Now we can make use of 10.2’s newest addition, Dreamsurges! This is a simple task: just find the Dragon Isles zone marked with the green icon, shown below. Any quests, monster kills, or events you complete will be subject to a 25% experience boost while in that zone. As an added bonus, you can earn 402 item level gear by collecting Dreamsurge Coalescence as you play, meaning you’ll have a set of perfectly respectable end game gear by the time you reach level cap!

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For more information on Dreamsurges, including rewards and how to participate, check out our Dreamsurge Guide!

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