How to Start Dreamsurges in WoW Dragonflight

A 30 minute sleep cycle

The new Dreamsurge event is a great way to level up alts or catch up on gear in retail WoW. They’re relatively frequent, occurring every 30 minutes, but how do we get started as quickly as possible?

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How to Participate in Dreamsurges in WoW

Luckily, there’s no prerequisite for participating in Dreamsurges. You need to locate the Dreamsurge icon on the map (as seen below) to get started. This week, the Dreamsurge is taking place in the Waking Shores, so we’ll be heading to the Ruby Lifeshrine to begin.

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Dreamsurges provide an automatic 25% experience buff while active, so they’re a great time to knock out World Quests on alts! But before you do, be sure to grab the weekly quest from Archdruid Hanuul Runetotem. He’s located right on top of that icon, so he’s hard to miss. His weekly quest tasks you with collecting Dreamsurge Coalescence, which can be found by participating in timed events.

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These events, called Waking Dreams, pop up every 30 minutes. Take a look at the timer in the above image – when it reaches zero, a new icon will appear, indicating where the event will take place. It’s a big red portal icon, so once again, it’s hard to miss. Head over and kill some foes and a boss, and you’ll be rewarded with Coalescence, Charred Elemental Remains, and potentially a piece of 402 item-level gear.

As always, these new events are particularly well-explained to new players. But much like Time Rifts, these are quick in-and-out affairs, yet take even less time. Luckily, the experience buff applies to the whole zone without limitations, so get out there and do some quests.

If you’d like to look at all the available rewards, check our Dreamsurge Rewards guide. There’s something for alts and geared characters alike, so don’t sleep on these events!

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