WoW Dragonflight Soridormi Reputation Rewards


Fighting may be its own reward, but us WoW players generally like a rabbit to chase. If you’re doing 10.1.5’s new Time Rift activities, there are lots of rewards to choose from already, but did you know you’ll also be getting rewards as you passively level up your reputation with the Bronze Dragonflight’s very own Soridormi?

How to Gain Soridormi Reputation

This is pretty simple: simply complete Time Rifts at the top of the hour and any associated quests you find, and/or do the daily quest in Eon’s Fringe. You’ll also get reputation simply for completing activities and killing enemies in Time Rifts, but it isn’t a lot (though it adds up).

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Soridormi Reputation Rewards

Each “rank” you reach with Soridormi has its own reward. You can see what rank you currently are by checking the “Reputation” tab in your character screen or by talking with Soridormi herself, where it’s represented by a bar at the top of the window. The rewards are as follows:

  • Rank 2: Minute Glass toy – Sort of like an egg timer, but for WoW. Use it to time different increments, up to an hour.
  • Rank 3: Ensemble: Rift-Mender’s Vestments – similar in style to the Azure or Obsidian ensemble cosmetic rewards.
  • Rank 4: Greater Encapsulated Destiny – This guarantees a mount or pet from the associated Time Rift expansion upon completion.
  • Rank 5: “Unparalleled” Title and Greater Paracausal Chest -The title is self-explanatory, but the chest contains Paracausal Flakes as well as a cosmetic item appropriate for your class.

And that’s that! Alongside all the cosmetic and mount rewards you get from Time Rifts and their associated Paracausal Flake currency, you can look forward to (eventually) earning these goodies as well. For details on farming Paracausal Flakes, check our guide.

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