Where is Eon’s Fringe in WoW Dragonflight?

Sip some paradox juice in the Everywhen Inn.

In World of Warcraft’s 10.1.5 patch, there are a host of new activities and quests you can complete to earn mounts, cosmetics, and item level 402 gear. The main offering are Time Rifts, but there’s also a daily quest associated with these activities that reward Soridormi Reputation and Paracausal Flakes every day. These quests are found in Eon’s Fringe, a new mini “hub” area with associated quests and NPCs.

How to Begin Eon’s Fringe Quests in WoW

To begin the first questline associated with Eon’s Fringe, speak with Temporal Investigator Tempo, found at the location highlighted on the map below. This begins a short questline which will grant access to the Everywhen Inn and the second questline, Pedgi the Composer.

On a side note, you get some really sweet-looking golden sunglasses for completing the Pedgi the Composer questline!

Screenshot via Prima Games

How to Complete Eon’s Fringe Dailies in WoW

Once you have access to the Everywhen Inn, you’ll see a daily quest, denoted by a blue exclamation point once a day. These reward 70 paracausal flakes, 30 Soridormi reputation, and an Encapsulated Destiny once per day. They’re varied, short, and the perfect way to spend some time in between running Time Rifts!

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If you made your way to this guide, you’d probably agree that Eon’s Fringe is a bit hard to find among the many, identical-looking buildings embedded in the mountainsides of the basin surrounding the Temporal Conflux.

There are tons of rewards associated with paracausal flakes and Time Rifts, and using an Encapsulated Destiny guarantees a reward of a cosmetic or piece of gear from your next-completed Time Rift, so be sure you’re doing your dailies if you want those rewards! If you want a little guidance, check out our paracausal flake farming guide.

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