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The Witcher 3 Level Cap – Is There One?

by Ginny Woo

Been playing The Witcher 3 and wondering just how strong you can get as Geralt of Rivia? Maybe you’ve heard about the excellent DLC and you’re trying to figure out what the limit is when it comes to your monster-slaying prowess. Well, here’s what we know about The Witcher 3 level cap.

The Witcher 3 Level Cap – Is There One?

So, you’ve decided to take a break from lopping the heads off monsters like Abaya the Water Hag to stare broodingly into the distance and ask yourself, “What next?” How many members of the Wild Hunt do you have to break down before you basically hit the peak of what the game has to offer you power-wise?

Well, on the matter of The Witcher 3 level cap, there actually isn’t one. However, you’re not going to able to amass infinite amounts of power. Now, that might sound contradictory, but we promise that it isn’t. While there isn’t a cap on the level that Geralt can be, there’s only a finite of ability points that can be acquired through owning the various DLC – the two values are separate. 

It’s all about the ways that you accrue EXP versus ability points. EXP is basically picked up mostly from killing things, so once you’ve leveled up enough that you’re kicking beasts in the head like they’re nothing you’re going to be getting diminishing returns on your experience. That’s because the difference between your level and the level of your enemies determines how much EXP you get out of a quest or encounter, so there will come a point where you’ll be getting an absolute pittance for your work. 

Ability points, on the other hand, are accrued not only from leveling but also Places of Power. You can arguably access them with less effort, and if you own all the DLC for The Witcher 3, then you will have access to 100 ability points. These are arguably the real test of your lethality, as they directly affect your combat effectiveness. While there isn’t a Witcher 3 level cap, there is a limit to how many ability points you can pick up, so your power isn’t infinite. 

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