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The Witcher 3 Herbalist Locations – Where to Find a Herbalist

by Ginny Woo

So, you’re traipsing around in the Witcher 3 and you’re en route to fighting the next mythical beast that would likely gore any lesser being to death. However, you check your pouches and you realize that you’re out of one of the alchemical compounds that will give you a much-needed buff in the combat department.

Worry no more – here’s a list of The Witcher 3 Herbalist locations so that you can reliably stock up at a moment’s notice.

The Witcher 3 Herbalist Locations – Where to Find a Herbalist

Alright. You need to find a Herbalist. Luckily for you, while the land of The Witcher 3 might be otherwise quite barren of things that aren’t bandits and things with pointy teeth, herbalism hasn’t quite gone out of style as a career for peasants.

It’s not only useful to know where to find a herbalist if you’re in need of flogging off some alchemy ingredients; they’ll give you a better deal than a regular vendor.

We’ve split up the Witcher 3 Herbalists according to their location for you below in alphabetical order for ease of sorting:

Novigrad and Oxenfurt region

  • Hierarch Square
  • Glory Lane
  • Otto Bamber in the Herbalist’s Hut in Oxenfurt
  • Master Topical (requires the Hearts of Stone expansion)
  • Barrengarth (requires the Hearts of Stone expansion)
  • Heddel (requires the Hearts of Stone expansion)


  • Ruined Inn
  • Kaer Trolde village
  • Druids’ Camp
  • Kvalheim Isle


  • Castel Ravello
  • Coronata
  • Herb Store in Beauclair
  • Hortense Vineyard
  • Pinastri at her hermitage


  • Liberated village northwest of Hangman’s Alley
  • Outside the inn at Cunny of the Goose
  • Olena’s Grove
  • Refugees’ Camp
  • Liberated camp west of Lurtch

White Orchard

  • Tomira
  • Roadside shrine east of the abandoned village in White Orchard

Now, you’ll note that some herbalists will only be accessible if you’ve got the right expansion, or if you’ve hit an in-game event that allows you to rescue some of them from dire circumstances. Like a lot of NPCs in The Witcher 3, they’ll repay you with their services. Now that you have our guide to the various The Witcher 3 Herbalist locations, it should be easy to find your local alchemy provider if you’re ever just traipsing about and run into an emergency.

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