The Nithing Witcher 3 Quest Guide

Docked in Skellige and wanting to hop right into helping the locals? Our The Nithing Witcher 3 quest guide should give you a good place to start - a cursed child.

If you’ve been seeing a bit of a resurgence when it comes to Geralt of Rivia, well, you can probably blame the Netflix show. That being said, The Witcher 3 is still near and dear to everyone’s heart, especially since its not-so-distant relaunch on the Nintendo Switch. If you’re plowing through the game for the first time, or you need a refresher on some quests, here’s our The Nithing Witcher 3 quest guide.

The Nithing Witcher 3 Quest Guide

You’re not going to encounter this quest until you head to Skellige, so you’ve got at least a good number of hours to get acclimatized with The Witcher 3 before you have to contend with their version of vikings and Nordic tragedy. 

However, once you’re on Skellige, there’s nothing stopping you from picking up The Nithing quest. For those curious about what a Nithing is, it’s actually based on a Germanic legend about an item that you use to curse your enemies. Predictably, it’s one big cursed mess for Geralt as soon as you discover that a villager called Lothar has found a Nithing outside his home that’s targeting his son. You can either pick up the quest from Rannvaig’s notice board or by talking to Lothar at his home.

Once you learn about the Nithing, you can choose to either help or not, though we can’t imagine you would pick no – we all know how valuable EXP and money can be in this game. So, once you’ve decided to help, follow the steps that we’ve laid out below:

  • Follow the trail from the Nithing to a Skellige shawl
  • Take the shawl to the harbor during the day and speak to the indicated Skelliger lady
  • Head to the herbalist Jonna’s house and question her
  • Take the knowledge from Jonna back to Lothar 

Now, you have to make a choice as part of The Nithing Witcher 3 quest. You’ll learn from Jonna that she put the Nithing outside Lothar’s house because they used to be an item and he left her for someone else after a long time. Once Lothar knows, you have two options:

  1. Turn the Nithing onto Jonna, killing her
  2. Tell Lothar to go with Jonna, getting her to lift the curse off his son

The quest will conclude either way, but the former will obviously mean that someone dies. You will also be unable to buy things from Jonna after its conclusion since, well, she’ll have passed, so if you do want to pick that option then make sure she’s got nothing that you want. Sparing Jonna’s life gets you more experience, but helping Lothar gets you coin too, so the choice is yours.

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