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Will Sloane Return to Destiny 2 in Season 21? – Answered

100 Glimmer says that Sloane tamed the Leviathan

by Daphne Fama

So, it’s finally confirmed! There’s been plenty of vague rumors circulating on forums that Destiny 2 will be going back to Titan. And that much has been echoed in the completion of the “Strider” quest on Neomuna. Now, with the splashy image of some gorgeous art (and some aquatic guardians), we know for sure that Titan will finally be making an appearance. But does that mean that Sloane will be returning, too?

Will Sloane Return to Destiny 2 in Season 21? – Answered

Guardians who joined Destiny 2 in the early years, between 2017 and 2020, will remember the planet Titan. How many Thralls and Vandals were killed here? What fantastic memories were made, dancing on crates while we waited for the public event to drop.

It was the glory days, and Field Commander Sloane was a large part of that. For those who haven’t had the chance to meet her, or who might need their memory refreshed, Sloane was a Titan Commander who settled the base on Titan during the Red War. She helped take Titan back from the Hive and she was there for the final stand.

During Season of Arrivals, a Pyramid stationed itself over Titan and began terraforming it. The Hive moved in to try to claim golden age technology. Sloane stole it before the Hive could and came into possession of a golden age suit of survival gear.

Through the lore of Sloane: Riastrad, we learn that this suit blocked her ability to use her Light (at least, at the moment), but also gave her incredible strength. With this suit, she opted to stay on Titan and fight the threat of Darkness.

Shortly thereafter, Titan was taken by the Darkness and vanished from view. And Sloane along with it.

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But now, we know that Season of the Deep will feature Titan in a big way. And that means there’s a chance that Sloane will return. There are two major arguments for this. The first is how the narrative has obviously been set up to have Sloane survive, even if it has been years. The second is that Cissy Jones, Sloane’s voice actress, is credited on Destiny 2’s Lightfall IMBD.

Right now, though, all we can do is speculate.

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