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Who is Topaz in Honkai: Star Rail – Answered

Thank goodness Star Rail doesn’t have loans or else she’d be hunting me—

The Honkai: Star Rail cast continues to grow, and so this character may not look too familiar to most players. Rest assured, however, we’re likely to be introduced to Topaz sooner or later, as this particular character is one of the second to be interlinked with the Interastral Peace Corporation.

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Everything You Need to Know About Topaz in Honkai: Star Rail

As a member of the IPC, we can expect a run-in with this corporation we’ve been hearing about throughout the game sooner or later, especially if we’re going to be running into one of their core members, Topaz. Based on the information that was given by Honkai: Star Rail’s Twitter, Topaz is one of the senior Managers of the Strategic Investment Department, and Leader of the Special Debts Picket Team. Not only that, but she seems to be a member of high importance given that she’s been dubbed as a Core Stone and is known as the “Topaz of Debt Retrieval.”

There’s a lot of information here to uncouple which I’m sure will make sense in the future once we have more interactions with the IPC, thus far we’ve only gathered their disregarded packages like Findee, reestablished connection to Jarilo-VI, and in the future, we’ll be seeing them return to the Xianzhou to help reignite business after the tragedy. 

Returning to Topaz, Honkai: Star Rail has confirmed that she will be a Pathfinder of the Hunt, and her Element will align with Fire, meaning that her kit will be really great for dealing fast or multiple attacks against singular targets. Typically, you’ll want high attack and speed for these units so that they can deal plenty of damage and have multiple turns in the lineup. Allegedly, according to other news outlets, Numby the Pet Trotter will have a much larger role when it comes to Topaz’s gameplay. 

Topaz will set an Attack Mark on a target and deal Fire Damage while Numby will attack her enemies for her, dealing Follow-Up damage at some point in the battle, probably at the end of the turn or rotation. Her ultimate revolves around Numby’s damage, Crit Rate, and Speed increasing, dealing two attacks with its increased stats in a state known as the Astonished State. 

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Her kit sounds really interesting and unique, it’s a little hilarious that Topaz herself doesn’t really do much in battle but instead commands her Pet Trotter to attack her enemies for her. But these are all based on leaks and speculations, so they may not even be what we see in the final debut of her banner so do take this with a grain of salt. 

If we learn any more, we’ll be sure to follow up on Topaz’s information. To learn more about when her banner will release, be sure to check on the Honkai: Star Rail banner schedule and since Guinaifen will be releasing alongside her, be sure to also check out our article covering her information and kit!

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