Honkai: Star Rail Reveals 1.4 Banners and They’re Epic

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Honkai: Star Rail just confirmed the 1.4 character warp banners over the course of the last few days. As if their fans weren’t busy enough with the sister games, Hoyoverse released information about the future characters, Jingliu, Topaz, and Guinaifen. Although we can’t expect them for the new couple of weeks since Trailblazers will still be busy with the Kafka banner and not to mention the upcoming patch of Imbibitor Lunae and Fu Xuan, but the company has been keeping better tabs on keeping players informed. 

Looking at our two five-stars, the character that is most likely to be in the first phase is Jingliu, a character that has already been previewed and introduced into the game’s story through Yanqing’s quest, The Frosty Blade’s Trial. So far, she looks to be an excellent character who will run in the Path of Destruction and wield the power of Ice. She has two phases, much like Blade in which she will do better damage whenever she is in her Transcendence Stage.

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With her story and lore implications, Trailblazers can only hope that with her character release, they will learn more about her background, her current stance with her former pupils, and what is to come of her actions in the future. 

The next five-star is Topaz, who hasn’t actually been introduced into the story yet. However, we have seen hide and hair of her throughout the game, primarily through her Light Cone “Universal Market Trends.” Already, players can kind of tell that she’s a bit money-oriented and definitely on the ball with those rising and falling stock markets. Mmm, stonks. Based on previous leaks and from her current official art, players can expect Topaz to be of the Path The Hunt and wield the Element Fire. I fully anticipate for one of her skills or idle animations to include her adorable little pet trotter, Numby and I will be wanting a plush of them too. 

The last of our characters is the new four-star, Guinaifen, who is very similar to Topaz in which we just haven’t heard much about her character until now, but she does actually have a Light Cone in the game. If you happen to have it, you’ll notice that it is actually for characters that run in The Hunt, but Guinaifen herself does not actually belong to the Hunt. So perhaps it’ll be a good free-to-play option for Topaz. Guinaifen belongs to the Path Nihility, and boy, we certainly have a lot of those now, don’t we? Like Topaz, she will also wield the Element Fire and not too much is known about her or her kit otherwise. 

We’re only just getting ready for the 1.3 Livestream and update, but Honkai: Star Rail just keeps delivering more news for us. There is truly never a dull moment when we are allowed to take a break. So that you aren’t missing out on any future news or guides, be sure to check out the Honkai: Star Rail game tag just below this article.

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