Sam and Elio Make Their Debut in Honkai: Star Rail’s Recent Trailer

Our mysterious antagonist finally has a face you may recognize

Image from Honkai: Star Rail YouTube Myriad Celestia Trailer: The Jepella Rebellion — Scene 47

There is truly no rest for the wicked since HoYoverse decided to drop another Trailer shortly after Kafka’s Banner called The Jepella Rebellion — Scene 47. In it, we don’t just see another world where Kafka seemingly got captured and is being held in court, but also finally have the reveal of multiple characters who we have not seen yet in the game. Except for one, and that face may just be Elio. Were you able to spot him before this trailer?

Sam and Elio Revealed in the Myriad Celestial Trailer from Honkai: Star Rail

There are a lot of fascinating treats in these Myriad Celestial Trailers and the latest one seems to detail a previous mission where Kafka and the rest of the Stellaron Hunters may have given rise to a rebellion in a distant world called Jepella. The scene opens up with Kafka standing trial, all the while not seeming out of control of the situation. If you recall in Kafka’s Companion Quest, she is not unfamiliar with getting caught and having to be broken out of tricky situations. This may be one of those moments where we see the Stellaron Hunters all arriving in order to break out Kafka.

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Shortly before the verdict is delivered, however, we see the building and the city being overrun by what we can presume is a disgruntled society that may have been influenced to take action by the Stellaron Hunters. Elio and Kafka often speak about events and scripts that are to be carried out, so the Myriad Trailer may have just been another part in Elio’s overall plan of events that must occur.

Speaking of, Elio and Sam are finally revealed at the very end of this trailer. With all of the Stellaron Hunters finally in place, we see Sam for the first time as a robot, styled in the mech design commonly seen in former Honkai games. It remains to be seen how that will translate into a playable character later, but we’ve seen stranger. Not only that, but we also get another glimpse of Elio.

In the foreground of the group shot, there is a black cat with a tie. If you’ve pulled for Kafka or have seen her art before then you may think that this cat is actually very familiar. In Kafka’s Splash Art, you can see Blade, Silver Wolf, and the black cat at her feet. This cat may just be Elio.

Quite interesting to see a whole band of people undergoing the directions from a stray cat, but surely there is more to this character than just what we see. Time will only tell as we learn more bits about the Stellaron Hunters through the crumbs Honkai: Star Rail delivers. Until next time, Trailblazers.

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