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Who is Guinaifen in Honkai: Star Rail? – Answered

Oh no, she’s an influencer!

You may recognize her from her Light Cone, Subscribe for More! But there is much more to Guinaifen than meets the eye! Of course, with Honkai: Star Rail, there is always far more depth to a character’s backstory and personality than what you can hypothesize from their appearance.

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Everything You Need to Know About Guinaifen in Honkai: Star Rail

With the information provided, it is evident that Guinaifen is quite an interesting character! The fact that she does not belong to the Xianzhou, hints that she may be from a different world, and somehow ended up on the Luofu. Another interesting point is that her name isn’t Guinaifen, but Guinevere which hints at there being different worlds besides Jarilo-VI and the Xianzhou. Perhaps by the time her banner rolls around, we’ll get to know about her world or background!

We haven’t seen much of her in the story either, much like Topaz, but we do know that she does belong on the Xianzhou due to the fact that she has made this her home. After ending up here, she began to make money by performing tricks and street-performing in all kinds of various methods, and honestly, can someone inform me what the heck neck-pulling is? Is that a thing? It sounds concerning, but luckily, it sounds like Guinaifen has a good friend looking after her. Sushang is reportedly the character who gave her the nickname Guinaifen, and appears to be the one dealing with her antics if the description to Subscribe for More! Is any indication. 

Surprisingly, she is not a Pathfinder of the Hunt despite her Lightcone, but belongs to the Nihility Path, which is great for enemy debuffs, and wielding the power of Fire, she may end up a fantastic Support for Kafka. Her kit is all about applying Fire Damage and DoT (Damage over Time) on enemies. much like how Sampo uses Wind Shear. Because these are all based on leaks and word-of-mouth, this is not indicative of what her kit will look like by the time she releases on the banner so do take this with a grain of salt.

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But what will be exciting is that we will gain another character that can apply DoT on enemies, so in conjunction with Luka and Sampo, Kafka will be able to shine all the more. Especially with a full Nihility team, which I find is the most enjoyable way to play her. Guinaifen is already proving to be a really exciting addition, and hopefully by the time she rolls out, she’ll also have a Companion mission. She sounds fun to hang out with, and it’ll be adorable to see her attempt tricks with Cloudknight Sushang trying to keep her line.

She’ll be released alongside Topaz in her banner, so be sure to also check out that character as well! It feels like Topaz will be the Kaveh of Honkai: Star Rail where she just sits back and lets her Pet Trotter do her work for her. There’s still a lot to look forward to, so be sure to check out the Honkai: Star Rail game tag just below this article so that you aren’t missing out on any future news or guides.

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