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Where to Use the Al Bagra Officers Quarters Key in COD DMZ

Al Bagra police! Open up!

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Gulag DMZ

Whether it’s from contracts or from searching the ever-expanding list of containers around the Call of Duty: DMZ, you may have picked up the Al Bagra Officers Quarters Key. For those that have one, you’ll need to make your way to the fortress and get past all the guards within.

When you get to the southern POI though, you’ll notice the area is convoluted and it could take a while to find anything exact. All the doors and the guards running at you make it even worse. The good news is that we have the exact location of the Al Bagra Officers Quarters room so you don’t have to search in the DMZ.

COD DMZ – Al Bagra Officers Quarters Location

To kick things off, you’ll need to get in the main part of the Al Bagra Fortress POI, which is located on the southern tip of Al Mazrah. There is the area around the main POI, and then you have the fortress inside, which features part of the Multiplayer map that some of you may recognize.

Once you’re inside the main fortress, look for the fountain that sits in the middle of the largest courtyard. To the east of that on the map, you’ll see a room that looks like a semi-cricle from an aerial view. You need to make your way there and get to the floor above. This floor will have a door where you can use your Al Bagra Officers Quarters Key in COD DMZ.

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If you don’t already have a key, you can search the southern side of the fortress for the best shot at finding one. Otherwise, you’ll have to search random caches or complete HVT contracts for the best chance at another key roll. Best of luck in finding all of the COD DMZ keys you need.

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