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How to Get a Durable Gas Mask in COD DMZ

Take a few extra breaths.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
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Gas masks are a dime a dozen in the Call of Duty: DMZ mode or even in Warzone 2, and we could give you plenty of locations to find the standard version with ease. There is a durable gas mask, though, that can give you that extra boost when radiation begins to spread.

Like anything else worth finding in the COD DMZ exclusion zones, durable gas masks are harder to find. You’ll need to do some extra searching, and hope to have some extra luck with you on a deployment. With our guide, you’ll get a better idea of how to increase your odds of finding a better mask.

COD DMZ – How to Find a Durable Gas Mask

One of the best methods for finding better radiation equipment is to take on radiation-based contracts on a deployment. The contracts you want to focus on are called Radioactive Material contracts, and they are always marked by the radiation symbol on the green mission squares. These missions task you with picking up a Geiger counter and using the device to find hidden caches.

When you start one of these contracts, the initial container you open with the Geiger counter will have a decent chance of spawning a durable gas mask in the COD DMZ. You can always keep doing these missions until you get the mask you want, or try somewhere else.

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Police stations and hospitals have a good chance of spawning a durable gas mask as well, but you’ll have to do much more digging. If that doesn’t work out for you, it’s always possible to hunt down other players in the DMZ and search their loot for a better gas mask. Good luck on the hunt!

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