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Where to Get Phosphogranate in Tower of Fantasy

Sit back, relax and drink some juice!

by Madison Benson
Tower of Fantasy Phosphogranate

Cooked dishes are useful for health restoration, satiety and various character buffs. Whether you’re looking for fire, ice or physical resistance, there’s food to help you. With nearly 100 recipes available in the game, there is no shortage of cooked dishes to experiment with.

Despite not giving any elemental resistance, Sweet Pomegranate Juice is handy for restoring health and boosting stamina. However, you’ll need the right ingredients to make it! If you’re interested in learning more, continue reading to discover where to get pomegranates, known in-game as Phosphogranate, in Tower of Fantasy.

Where to Get Phosphogranate in Tower of Fantasy

Phosphogranate, commonly known as pomegranates, is native to the Navia region. While typically found in northern Navia, there are a few spawn locations in the south as well.

Below are some specific spawn spots to find Phosphogranates in Tower of Fantasy:

  • Head southeast of the Raincaller Island Spacerift and Ruin C-03. You’ll find a couple of Phosphogranate plants near an abandoned truck. Coordinates: -630.8, -834.1
  • Go southeast of the Navia Omnium Tower towards the old metal cylinder. Head east of this area to find a group of plants. Be careful approaching here since getting too close to the Navia-Warren border may damage your character. Coordinates: -75.6, -845.9
  • Head southwest of Ruins C-02 near the radio tower. Coordinates: -233.8, -533.6

Phosphogranate plants appear as plants with brown stems, green leaves and small, red fruit. While they may look similar to strawberries or tomatoes, they’ll have a distinct “Phosphogranate” tag when you approach the plant.

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Phosphogranate is an ingredient in one cooking dish. You can make Sweet Pomegranate Juice using two Phosphogranate, two honey and one carbonated water in a cooker. It provides 600 stamina and restores a portion of your health.

Tower of Fantasy is available on PC, Android, and iOS devices through the official website. If you’re interested in learning about other food ingredients, check out how to get Rice, Brown Rice and Hazelnuts.

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