Tower of Fantasy Brown Rice

Where to Get Rice and Brown Rice in Tower of Fantasy

Similar foods, two very different locations

Having a nice, quiet evening to cook some food is always a great time. You can easily accomplish this in Tower of Fantasy using the game’s cooking system. By harvesting different ingredients around the map, you can use a cooker to create and experiment with making various dishes.

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Much like the real world, some ingredients are used in numerous recipes. A great example is rice and brown rice, used in nearly a dozen Tower of Fantasy dishes. If you’re interested in learning more, continue reading to discover how to get rice and brown rice in Tower of Fantasy.

Where to Get Rice and Brown Rice in Tower of Fantasy

Despite both ingredients being a type of rice, they have vastly different acquisition methods.

Regular rice is the easier of the two, located in various Food Vendors around the world map. Some vendors include Mrs Taylor from Astra and Harriet in Banges. One unit of rice costs 60 Gold, making it fairly cheap as long as you’re not buying out the entire shop.

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You can’t purchase brown rice from Food Vendors. Instead, you’ll find brown rice scattered around the grasslands of Navia. Upon encountering a shoot of brown rice, you’ll see a green, leafy stalk with a brown top. You can then inspect the sparkling plant and harvest it as usual. If you’d like to see a detailed visual of various brown rice spawn locations, be sure to check out the Tower of Fantasy Interactive Map.

In Tower of Fantasy, you can use rice and brown rice in various recipes. Below are some of the dishes that require them:

Tower of Fantasy Rice Recipes

  • Snail Baked Rice: Carrion Snail x1 and Rice x2
  • Truffle Fried Rice: Black Truffle x1, Onion x1 and Rice x2
  • Caviar Sushi: Caviar x1, Rice x2 and Laver x2
  • Egg Fried Rice: Rice x2 and Poultry Egg x1

Brown Rice Recipes

  • Caterpillar Fungus Noodles: Caterpillar Fungus x1, Brown Rice x3
  • Juicy BLT: Fatty Cut x1, Brown Rice x2 and Poultry Egg x2
  • Purple Yam Pie: Purple Yam x1 and Brown Rice x3
  • Fiddlehead Pie: Fiddlehead x2 and Brown Rice x2
  • Chocolate Bread: Cocoa Beans x2 and Brown Rice x2
  • Barnacle Seafood Pizza: Barnacle x1, Brown Rice x2 and Onion x1
  • Red Wheat Bread: Brown Rice x2

Tower of Fantasy is available on PC, Android, and iOS devices through the official website. If you’re interested in learning more about the game, check out whether you can Change your Character’s Gender and How to Open Singularity Rocks.

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