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Where to Get Knotgrass Sprig in Hogwarts Legacy

It's not grass, it's Knotgrass!

by Grant Testa

In Hogwarts Legacy, the Invisibility Potion can be imbibed by witches or wizards to disappear from enemy sight. While it’s not quite as powerful as the fabled invisibility cloak, the potion is crucial in the game’s higher difficulties. One of the most important ingredients in this essential concoction is a Knotgrass Sprig, which can be grown or purchased. Here is everything you need to know about obtaining Knotgrass in Hogwarts Legacy, including where freshly grown sprigs can be purchased, as well as how to plant the herb yourself.

Where to Find Knotgrass Sprigs and Seeds in Hogwarts Legacy

Knotgrass Sprigs and Seeds can be purchased from the Magic Neep. A Knotgrass Sprig costs 150 Galleons, while Knotgrass Seeds are 350 Galleons. It is more economical and a wiser investment to buy seeds, as they can be planted and grown infinitely. Knotgrass Sprigs can also be found in the open world of Hogwarts, but they are few and far between, making herbology a more preferable option.

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How to Grow Knotgrass in Hogwarts Legacy

Knotgrass can be grown in the Room of Requirement with the help of Potting Tables. These herbology stations can be created through using the Conjuration Spell. When casting this spell in the Room of Requirement, select the “Herbology” category.

Next, choose to conjure a Potting Table of any size. The example above demonstrates a Potting Table with a Small Pot, which requires two Moonstone shards to craft.

Once you have crafted the Potting Table, interact with it to plant the Knotgrass Seeds.

There are eight growable plants in Hogwarts Legacy that range from combat herbs to potion ingredients. According to its description, Knotgrass is “A magical herb that produces sprigs used in the Invisibility Potion.” Select Knotgrass to start growing the plant.

Once you have planted Knotgrass, it will take ten minutes until you can harvest the Sprigs. Instead of waiting and twiddling your thumbs, it would be wise to use the waiting time to care for your magical creatures in the various Vivariums, or even some quick side questing as you wait for the Knotgrass to sprout.

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After ten minutes, you can harvest your Knotgrass Sprigs from your Potting Table and use the herbs to craft the Invisibility Potion.

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