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How to Obtain Toad Warts in Hogwarts Legacy

There are too many "warts" in this game

by Grant Testa
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Upgrading gear in Hogwarts Legacy is a lengthy process that requires capturing magical creatures, caring for them, and collecting their magical byproducts in order to maximize the stats for each of your character’s six clothing items. Toad Warts are one beast item that you will frequently need to level up your gear, which will help your created witch or wizard survive the many dangers found in Hogwarts Castle and its surrounding locations. Here is the way to obtain Toad Warts in Hogwarts Legacy.

Step One: Find Giant Toads

In order to obtain Toad Warts, you first must capture a Giant Toad (while you can also purchase Toad Warts, it is more practical and economical to harvest them). These large amphibians can be found by using your Map and locating Giant Purple Toad dens throughout the game’s open world. The creatures are often located in Swampy areas and near water.

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Step Two: Use the Nab-Sack to Capture Giant Purple Toads

It is highly recommended that you capture both a male and female of the purple toad species, but you only need one to obtain Toad Warts. You can tell the difference between toads from the symbol that appears when you aim at them, or by the fact that males are more of a dark purple color with a crowned head, while females have lighter, blueish skin.

Cast Levioso to levitate the toads, trapping them in the air, which makes them easier to capture in the Nab-Sack.

Activate your Nab-Sack using the necessary controls on your platform of choice and follow the correct key or button prompt to vacuum a toad into your bag.

Once you have successfully nabbed a Giant Purple Toad, head back to the Room of Requirement, and get ready to release them into the Vivarium.

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Step Three: Release the Toads into the Vivarium

In order to obtain Toad Warts, you must release your captured Giant Toad(s) into a Vivarium in the Room of Requirement. I personally chose the Swamp Vivarium, as it more resembles a toad’s natural habitat, but any Vivarium is fine.

Step Four: Feed and Brush a Giant Toad, then Harvest its Warts

In order for the toad to give you its warts, you must first feed and brush it.

Once you have fed and brushed the magical beast, the Giant Toad will give some of its warts, which can be used in item upgrades.

Step Five: Upgrade Your Gear Using Toad Warts

After harvesting Toad Warts, go to the Loom in the Room of Requirement, which is the tool you can use to apply animal fur, feathers, and even toad warts to upgrade your gear.

Depending on the item and its recipe, using Toad Warts will allow you to improve a gear item’s stats and help you to maximize its potential, giving you the upper hand at whatever the Wizarding World of Hogwarts Legacy will throw at you.

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