Tower of Fantasy Balloon Fruit

Where to Get Balloon Fruit in Tower of Fantasy

Need a healthier diet? Time for some salad!

In Tower of Fantasy, food is an essential source of satiety and health regeneration. Without keeping your satiety high, you won’t passively regain health, which increases your chance of dying in combat!

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Whether you’re in desperate need of food or just want to fill up your cooking recipe list, you’ll eventually encounter Balloon Fruit Salad. The main ingredient, as the name suggests, is balloon fruit! If you’re interested in learning more, continue reading to discover where to get balloon fruit in Tower of Fantasy.

Where to Get Balloon Fruit in Tower of Fantasy

You can find balloon fruit in both Astra and Navia. While not easy to spot in Astra, it primarily spawns north of the shelter, around the Ring of Echos and east of Football Field. If you only need a few fruits and are in the area, you can occasionally pick some up along your adventures.

If you have the region unlocked, the easier source is various spawn points around Navia. Some areas to explore include the following:

  • North of the Raincaller Island Spacerift and Ruin C-03. Coordinates: -689.2, -964.4
  • In the western regions of Raincaller Island, south of the Logic Training Facility. Coordinates: -964.6,-771.7
  • Southeast of the Navia Omnium Tower. Coordinates: -140.4, -883.2

Balloon fruit plants are small, brown-stemmed planed with spikey green fruit. You’ll find multiple plants in these three areas, allowing you to gather nearly a dozen fruit at a time. If you need more for cooking or missions, you can also return here at a later time and harvest more.

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As of now, balloon fruit is only used in one recipe. Named Balloon Fruit Salad, this dish is a rare-grade dish that restores 10 satiety and 16 percent of your HP. To cook Balloon Fruit Salad, you need two balloon fruit, two thornmatoes, and one salad dressing.

If you do not have the recipe, toss these three ingredients into a cooker under the Creation menu and see what sticks! The more these three ingredients you add, the higher your success rate. However, adding unrelated food items may result in a different, low-quality dish, so be careful!

Tower of Fantasy is available on PC, Android, and iOS devices through the official website. If you’re interested in learning about other food ingredients, check out how to get Carbonated Water and Hazelnuts.

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