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Where to Find the Ravenclaw Common Room in Hogwarts Legacy

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by Madison Benson
Ravenclaw Common Room in Hogwarts Legacy

In Hogwarts Legacy, you can freely explore almost any game area. While some rooms are locked behind padlocks requiring Alohomora, others are available shortly after you begin playing. One of the first places you’ll visit at Hogwarts is your house’s common room, so it’s good to familiarize yourself with it before you set off on your adventure! If you’d like to learn more, continue reading to discover where to find the Ravenclaw Common Room in Hogwarts Legacy.

Where to Find the Ravenclaw Common Room in Hogwarts Legacy

Unlike the other houses in Hogwarts Legacy, Ravenclaw has an entire tower dedicated to them! More specifically, by heading to the Ravenclaw Tower Floo Flame, you’ll have direct access to the area leading to the common room.

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If you still need to unlock the Floo Flame, head to the Grand Staircase and continue upward until you find a hallway with a Levioso statue. Go down this hall to find the Floo Flame and the common room’s winding staircase. More specifically, continue forward to find a knight in shining armor and go up the stairs until you find a door with a golden raven on it. This is the door to the Ravenclaw Common Room.

However, you can only enter if you’re in the Ravenclaw house. Otherwise, it’ll stay locked shut.

Below, we can see a Gryffindor character attempting to open the door. It’ll stay closed when you approach it, preventing you from entering the common room area.

Ravenclaw Common Room Entrance Closed Hogwarts Legacy

When you use a Ravenclaw character, the door will open, revealing an owl statue and stairs leading to the main area.

Hogwarts Legacy Ravenclaw Common Room Entrance Open

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