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Where to Find the Hufflepuff Common Room in Hogwarts Legacy

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by Madison Benson
Hufflepuff Common Room in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy’s four common rooms each have unique themes and color palettes to differentiate between them. They also have different locations, meaning you won’t just find the rooms lined up next to each other. While they are relatively close, you’ll have to venture into different parts of the school to spot each. If you’d like to learn more, continue reading to discover where to find the Hufflepuff Common Room in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Where to Find the Hufflepuff Common Room in Hogwarts Legacy

To get to the Hufflepuff Common Room, you’ll want to start from the Grand Staircase Floo Flame. However, rather than going up or down the main stairwell, you’ll want to turn east and descend the nearby spiral staircase.

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Continue down the stairs, past the House-Elf recipe book cabinet, to the very bottom. From here, pass through the hallway of portraits and barrels until you find a stack of barrels and two large, decorated ones to your left. The one closest to the barrel pile is the entrance to the Hufflepuff Common Room!

One catch, though: You’ll only see the entrance if you’re in the Hufflepuff house.

Let’s take this Gryffindor student, for example. When they approach the barrel, it’ll stay like this and won’t open. You won’t be able to enter, but you can look at its intricate design. You’re limited to your own house’s living area, with no way to go into others.

Hufflepuff Common Room Entrance Closed Hogwarts Legacy

When you try to go in with a Hufflepuff student, an entry will appear in the barrel’s lid. You can freely walk through the space and check out the Hufflepuff Common Room, including accessing its House Chest and the sleeping quarters.

Hogwarts Legacy Hufflepuff Common Room Entrance Open

Hogwarts Legacy is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch through the official website. To learn more about the game, check out All Landing Platform Locations in Hogwarts Legacy and How to Get the Graphorn Mount in Hogwarts Legacy.

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