Where to Find Subdetection Units in Genshin Impact

Does every region really needs to have those insects?

Genshin Subdetection Units Featured

The 4.1 update for Genshin Impact brought a lot of new areas to conquer and resources to find, with one of these being the Subdetection Units. You know, these mechanical pesky insects flying around in the new zones. Their diminutive size makes detecting them harder than it should, so here’s where to find Subdetection Units in Genshin Impact.

Where to Get Subdetection Unit in Genshin Impact

The mechanical beetles are found exclusively in the Liffey Region and the Fontaine Research Institute of Kinetic Energy Engineering Region. You’ll need to grab a lot of them if you want to ascend characters like Wriothesley, who will eat up over 160 of these. Having Lyney is a huge help to finding them easily, so get him on your party if you have him.

Subdetection Units at the Mont Esus East Area

The first few insects you might find are located around the Statue of the Seven in the Liffey Region area. They’re usually right next to Waypoints, so you won’t have to walk much to grab them.

Subdetection Units at the New Fontaine Research Institute Area

Most of the units are scattered around here, so get ready to give your legs some work! Differently from butterflies, they won’t run from you even if you get too close, so you’re free to walk past them as much as you need until you finally find them.


The black-circled units are located in the Fortress of Meropide, which you can visit during the Fontaine Archon Quests or by initiating the Unfinished Comedy World Quest line. Red-circled Units are found in the sky, and you can reach them by progressing in the Fontaine Institute Research Chronicles World Quest line.

Subtedection Units at the Central Laboratory Ruins Area

Following up on the previous area, we got a few more small units at the eastern corner of the map. They’re almost always next to teleports too, so you won’t have much work finding most of them.


The black-circled Units are located in a subaquatic area. Dive into the area located in the picture below and look for a rock blocking the underground paths. Use the Jellyfish’s explosive bomb power to open it and follow your way until you can find the Units.

  • Genshin Subdetection Units Central Laboratory Ruins Cavern Map
  • Genshin Subdetection Units Central Laboratory Ruins Cavern Entrance

Grabbing over 160 items is exhausting, and they won’t respawn until after three days you get them. If you want to finish collecting them as fast as you can, your best bet is to visit another person’s world and ask them to grab a few of them. But waiting shouldn’t be a problem if you don’t own the character that needs them just yet. But if they’re already featured, good luck grabbing these insects!

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