Where to Find Lumitoile in Genshin Impact

Even judges have a soft spot for starfish

Lumitoile Locations Featured

Lumitoile is just another name in the ever-expanding list of Ascension Materials in Genshin Impact. This one in particular is needed for Neuvillette, the Chief Justice in Fontaine. You gotta swim your way through the vast Fontanian seas to ascend him to the fullest by catching a lot of seafish. And since finding them can be quite exhausting, here are the locations you can visit to grab a few of those in Genshin Impact.

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Where to Get Lumitoile in Genshin Impact

These special stars are found in the Liffey Region areas in Fontaine, especially next to Mont Esus East and at the coast of the New Fontaine Research Institute. Make sure to grab some Waypoints in it as soon as you get to visit the areas. Also, bring Lyney to your party if you have him since his passive shows you whenever a Fontaine Local Specialty is around, making your star-collecting task much easier.

Lumitoiles at the Mont Esus East Area


All Starfish in black circles are underwater.

There are plenty of easy-to-reach stars next to the coast, but you’ll have to get your socks wet to find the rest of them. Freminet will be a good friend here as he decreases your consumed Stamina while underwater. Neuvillette also makes you swim faster, so put him in your party if you already have him.

Lumitoiles at the Central Laboratory Ruins

There are also a few of them around the water areas next to the map’s eastern part. This will be a quick trip and there are no underwater stars here, so this is merely a quick detour.

There’s only a bit more than 70 Lumitoiles in the whole map, despite a character requiring over 150 to fully ascend to 90. So unless you’re okay with waiting a few days, your only choice will be to visit other people’s worlds to get your stars as quickly as possible. But maybe waiting’s not that bad, especially considering how many other items you’ll need to fully ascend Neuvillette.

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