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Where to Find Snowballs in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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by Lucas White

I have a snowman in my house. I’m not even particularly interested in snow people, but I have one. I did it so I could take a screenshot for this article, because I otherwise would have no reason on this doomed planet to care. But for those of you snowman sickos out there, this guide is for you. If you need to know where to find Snowballs in Disney Dreamlight Valley, I have the answer you seek.

Snowball Location in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To get a snowball in Disney Dreamlight Valley you need to, you know, go find some snow. If you look at your map there’s literally one place on the map (as of the moment at least) that has snow. So you’ll need to unlock the Frosted Heights biome. Big surprise there, right? You’ll need to progress far enough in the story to have the ability to unlock biomes, then raise the required thousands of Dreamlight Shards in order to do so. You have to have the Forest of Valor too, of course.

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Once you have access to the Frosted Heights you can seriously just find snowballs on the ground to pick up. If you need more for one reason or another, you need to dig. Snowballs are kind of the equivalent to items like clay or sand, in that you won’t need to jump through any other weird hoops to find them. Just dig!

To make a snowman, or one of its variants, you need to pick up a snowball and make some fabric. Those two items will unlock the recipes for various snow people for crafting. Most of them have the same basic requirements, save for one that asks for gems you cannot currently find in the game yet. Oh well.

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