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Where to Find Scallops in Tower of Fantasy

Where there's one, there's dozens.

by Madison Benson
Tower of Fantasy Find Scallops

If you want to restore your health or gain temporary stat bonuses, cooking is the way to go in Tower of Fantasy! Whether you’re looking to make some boiled scallops or seafood soup, there are plenty of recipes for you to explore! In fact, scallops are so useful that a Banges NPC named Patty will ask you to find eight.

If you’re interested in learning more, continue reading to discover where to find Scallops in Tower of Fantasy.

Where to Find Scallops in Tower of Fantasy

Scallops are native to the Banges region in Tower of Fantasy. If you’re still in Astra or ventured into later areas, you’ll have to make your way back to Banges. If you’ve unlocked the Banges docks Spacerift, transmit back there for a quick return.

If you recently progressed through the mission Foodie Girl for Patty, head back to the NPC for easy access to scallops. Similarly, if you’ve already finished the quest and just want to pick up some extra scallops, travel back to the region and head towards the beach until you reach the coastline. Numerous scallops are scattered around the area along the sand and in the water. They appear as pink-orange clam shells along the ground!

Just be sure to stay in the southern half of the beach! If you travel northwest towards Ruin B-02, you’ll find sea urchins and conch shells instead. Your safest bet is to stay along the coastline north of the Mt. Woochu Spacerift.

If you’d like to see where scallops and other items spawn throughout the entire world map, check out the Tower of Fantasy Interactive Map for more details and visuals.

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Once you’ve retrieved the scallops you need, you can either hand them to Patty or, if you’ve completed the mission already, start cooking.

Tower of Fantasy is available on PC, Android, and iOS devices through the official website. If you’re interested in learning more about the game, check out the Best Anime Character Presets in Tower of Fantasy and How to Get and Use a Mighty Mushroom.

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