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Starfield Paradiso Location

In Starfield, you’ll occasionally find groups and organizations in conflict as you explore space and meet new people. Whether you’re helping a group of colonists fight against a corporation or helping a poor concierge with their job, you’ll find yourself flying from one side of the galaxy to another in search of artifacts, friends, and other fun goodies. If your next destination is Paradiso, continue reading to learn where to find this location in Starfield.

Paradiso Exact Location in Starfield

Paradiso is located on Porrima II in the Porrima System. You can find Porrima east of systems like Olympus and Volii and get here from Alpha Centauri or Sol by jumping between these middle systems.

Porrima System Location Starfield
Screenshot by Prima Games (click to enlarge)

Upon arriving, open your map menu so you can see Porrima II and look for the Paradiso icon on the planet. Select it and hold down the land button to arrive at Paradiso, where you can enter the hotel or explore the surrounding area.

Starfield Porrima Paradiso Location
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After landing on Porrima II, you can run into the hotel or venture out to find resources. Like many planets in the game, you’ll find crafting materials and ores such as lithium, chlorine, and caesium. If you need any of these resources or want to get anotherĀ survey data item to sell, this is a great opportunity to scan these ores and quickly find the planet trait.

Alternatively, if you’re trying to complete a quest like First Contact, you’ll find the hotel right in front of your landing pad, open for you to enter and venture through without any hostile forces stopping you.

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