How to Get Lithium in Starfield

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How to Get Lithium in Starfield

Resources in Starfield have all kinds of uses, from cooking food to crafting weapon mods. Lithium has several benefits in Starfield, including being one of the main items required for a side mission. Whether you’re trying to complete the First Contact quest or just want to stock up on your supplies for the future, knowing where to find it will help save you time later in your playthrough. To learn more, continue reading to discover how to get lithium in Starfield.

Where to Find Lithium in Starfield

There are two ways to get lithium in Starfield:

  • Purchase from vendors.
  • Mine from planets containing the resource.

The easiest way to get most resources in Starfield is to visit general stores like Jemison Mercantile in New Atlantis. Here, you can enter the resource section and search for lithium in the list. If you don’t see it immediately, head outside and wait on one of the nearby benches for 24 in-game hours before rechecking the list for the material.

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You can also find Lithium as a resource on certain planets. The first time we encountered some was in the Porrima System, with other systems also featuring the resource occasionally. You can break small deposits with your cutter, while large ones require an outpost. Placing an outpost on these planets and using extractors will help you easily get Lithium over time instead of constantly visiting shops.

Where to Buy Lithium in Starfield

If you’re not interested in breaking deposits over and over again, you can also buy Lithium. Having a substantial amount of credits will ensure that you can load up in one go. Here’s where to buy Lithium in Starfield:

  • Jemison Mercantile, New Atlantis.
  • Mining League, Neon.
  • Midtown Minerals, Akila City.

Planets With Lithium in Starfield

When you find planets with Lithium in Starfield, you could be pretty set when farming. Planets including their fauna and plant life, drop many organic materials that you can keep coming back to in case you need to replenish. Here are some planets that hold a lot of Lithium:

  • Copernicus Minor I-a, Copernicus Minor.
  • Copernicus V, Copernicus.
  • Copernicus VII-b, Copernicus.
  • Eridani VIII-c, Eridani.
  • Heisenberg VI-b, Heisenberg.
  • Heisenberg VIII-a, Heisenberg.
  • Sirius III-a, Sirius.
  • Tau Ceti VIII-c, Tau Ceti.

What is Lithium Used for in Starfield?

Lithium is a rare inorganic resource used in crafting and research projects. Like most resources, you’ll occasionally find it in your project material lists and crafting recipes, so it’s good to have some on hand whenever you need it.

It also has other uses during quests, notably if you picked the First Contact mission’s Settlement Deal route. During this route:

  • You must collect ten Lithium alongside iron, fiber, and sealant.

Lithium is also used for laser-based weapons like the Orion assault rifle and batteries like the Tactical and Large Battery.

While shops often have enough Lithium in stock for this quest, going to a planet and harvesting your own will save you some money.

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