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Where to Find Mangrove Trees in Minecraft

And most importantly, frogs

by Jordan Lemons

Mangrove is an expanded version of the Swamp biome in Minecraft, complete with a new type of tree, frogs as a new mob, and a variety of new blocks. Depending on where you spawn, it can be quite difficult to find. Swamps were not always the most popular of biomes out of the many that existed, but here are a couple of tricks to narrow down your search on where to find Mangrove Trees in Minecraft.

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Paying Attention to Your Climate

Although Minecraft is a fictional game, it does cater its biomes to realism in combining what places go where. The Mangrove Biome is meant to be a detailed Swamp that explores more diversity of the terrain, so it is only natural that because of such high humidity and warmth for the plants to sustain there, it is going to be easier to find when surrounded by these types of Biomes: Desert, Jungle, and the Savannah. It can also be found when attached to a Swamp, but that should be its easiest form to find. 

/Locate in Cheats

To make it easier on yourself, there are functions in Minecraft that will allow you to find the biome that you are looking for. This is only available when Cheats are enabled in the game. Before you start up a new world, there is a list of options available to change the type of gameplay you will experience. There is the Game Mode, the Difficulty, Experiments and Allow Cheats. Toggling Allow Cheats from off to on will allow you to input commands whenever you are in your game, such as /Locate.

You can find all sorts of things using this command, but to find biomes, all you need to do is type out [/locate biome] and it will begin to list a variety of biomes in alphabetical order. Selecting your biome, the game will respond in the chat with the coordinates of the nearest biome to where you are. Hit F3 to bring up the coordinates menu within the game and follow the directions until you come across the Mangrove biome. It makes for an easier time to find and if that is the main biome you want to look at and start the game in, well, it never hurts to have a little help!

Jordan Lemons

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