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Can You Make a Saddle in Minecraft? – Answered

Just hand it over, Minecraft

by Jordan Lemons

In Minecraft, there are tons of adorable creatures in the world that are there to provide elements like food or travel. While cows make for a great steak and keep you fed and running for miles, there’s an easier option available in this cubic world. Saddle up because horses, donkeys, alpacas, and even pigs can help you get from Point A to Point B a lot faster. Well, maybe running would be faster than the pig.

Crafting a Saddle

So, how do you make a saddle in Minecraft? Well… you can’t. In Java and Bedrock, there are no options in the game available to actually craft a Saddle. Even though Iron and Leather exist, therefore it should be theoretically possible, there is no actual Recipe for the as-is Minecraft version. But we can show you how to obtain a Saddle regardless.

Just Kidding! Finding a Saddle


Funnily enough, there’s a lot of strange stuff you can fish up from the ocean or the river. Get enough experience with it and you can pull up various types of fish, Enchanted Items, a variety of different types of junk such as sticks or spiderwebs, and yes, even Saddles. 

Villager Trading

Villages can serve the adventurer in many ways. You can get access to a bunch of different tables, tame some cats, and trade with villagers to get some items. The villager who actually trades you Saddles is the Leatherworker. In Bedrock, villagers will need to be leveled up to Master in order to trade for six emeralds. But the trade is always offered in Java.

“Needs a bit of leveling.” Screenshot by Prima Games

Treasure Hoarding

The best type of way to get all kinds of drops is by looting as much as you can, whether that’s in temples or enemy spawners, fortresses and even going to odds against Ravagers and Striders with a rider. The only way you’re going to get the good loot is making the effort to go out and take it. 


And sometimes we like being cheeky. There are plenty of mods that you can apply to Minecraft that will allow you to craft a Saddle from Leather. It just takes a bit of fandangling, some Forge, and ta-dah! Saddles!

Jordan Lemons

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