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Where to Find Kneazles in Hogwarts Legacy

Get them before Joe Exotic does!

by Daniel Wenerowicz

Though they aren’t quite the same thing, catching a Kneazle is the closest you’ll get to owning a pet cat within Hogwarts Legacy. Not only can you find these much more dangerous versions of cats around as magical beasts, but they also have a valuable resource farmed in the Vivarium.

Unlike many of the other magical beasts, these oversized cats can be much harder to find, even with the dens all over the map. We’re here to show you exactly where you can find some Kneazles and begin making a collection of your own in the Room of Requirement.

Hogwarts Legacy – Where to Find Kneazles

It’s incredibly easy to miss, but there is a Kneazle den located fairly close to the main castle. Within the Hogwarts Valley section of the map, you can find a den in the same location as a Spider Lair and an Ancient Magic Hotspot. This area is located directly south of the Brocburrow Hamlet.

When you find the Kneazle den, you’ll encounter at least three or four with each respawn of the area. They will detect you fairly quickly though, so make sure to use all the tools at your disposal. This means utilizing the Disillusionment spell, and when you get close enough, the Levioso spell. With the cats suspended, use the Nab-Sack to secure your own Kneazle in Hogwarts Legacy.

There are a few other dens that you can find around the open world and they will be more out of the way than the Hogwarts Valley. One can be found around the Marunween Lake, another is in the hills of Cragcroftshire, and a third can be located in the south of the Clagmar Coast. Good luck hunting down a Kneazle of your own!

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