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Halls of Herodiana Puzzle Solutions in Hogwarts Legacy

Too many moving pieces.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Halls of Herodiana

Sophriana Franklin is on a roll when it comes to side quests with some challenges, and now you’ll need to figure out how to navigate the Halls of Herodiana for her. She was one of the best Depulso spell casters of all time and this hidden hall can only be conquered using the move of the same name in Hogwarts Legacy.

Finding the hidden Halls of Herodiana is easy enough once Sophriana tells you where to look, but inside you’ll be faced with three different chambers that contain climbing puzzles. The climbing is easy enough, however, you’ll need Depulso to sort the platforms. We’re here to explain how.

Hogwarts Legacy – Halls of Herodiana Puzzle Solutions

Once you arrive at the hidden halls and the doorway opens, you’ll be faced with three chambers. The goal is to get from one side to the other using the movable platforms. These platforms make full movements, meaning if you push one, it will keep going until it hits a wall. That’s where the puzzle comes in and all the solutions can be found below.

Halls of Herodiana Room Solution #1 – Hogwarts Legacy

Room one is the simplest by far and will only take a second. Two boxes are at the center of the room and all you have to do here is hit them with Depulso. They’ll slide to the other side and you can use them to climb up. Here you’ll find your first chest and the first piece of Herodiana’s gear.

Halls of Herodiana Room Solution #2 – Hogwarts Legacy

For this room, there are a couple of ways to climb up, and if you need to reset, you can hit the shining gold orb with a basic cast. When you walk into the room, hit the boxes to the right. Then walk to the left and hit those same boxes from the side facing you and they will push against the wall. Hit them one last time on the right side and use these to climb up.

Halls of Herodiana Room Solution #3 – Hogwarts Legacy

Room three is by far the toughest one, and you’ll certainly need the golden globe to reset. When you walk in, there will be a set of boxes on the right-hand side closest to you. Face the right side of them and pull with Accio. Then push the boxes forward so they hit the golden orb.

Now head to the left-hand side of the platform and climb up. From here, pull the same boxes that were on the right toward you with Accio. The boxes need to fill the gap so you can walk over to the furthest stone platform. As soon as you step on the furthest platform. Hit the golden orb to reset the boxes.

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With the boxes reset, pull them forward with Accio so they hit the other side. Now all you need to do is pull them toward you with Accio again and you can walk across to the other platform. Claim your final chest and you’ve officially completed the Halls of Herodiana quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

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