Where to Find Fungal Spores in New World

Plug your nose and pack up those fungal spores!

New World Gathering Professions
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The gathering and crafting system in New World must be one of the best in the MMORPG genre, with countless ways to advance your character and become a part of the world. But when it comes to tracking down fungal spores in New World, some players are left lost in the wild. With such a massive map to explore, let’s simplify life. Here’s where to find fungal spores!

Where Are Fungal Spores in New World?

You can find fungal spores by harvesting any fungi dotting the landscape. These fungi include:

  • Warm Platecap
  • Tendrilspine
  • Spinecap
  • Fronded Petalcap
  • Bumbleblossom
  • Capped Tanglewisp
  • Slimy Twistcap
  • Weeping Shellbed
  • Void Pitcher
  • Cascaded Gillflower
  • Corrupted Bloodspore
  • Suncreeper

That’s quite the list to sift through! For instance, a guaranteed spawn for Warm Platecap is along the eastern edge of Monarch’s Bluffs. Right near the road, where the hills drop off and meet the swamp, you’ll find a few fungi spawns in a field beside the path.

New World Fungi Map Location
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Otherwise, explore Cutlass Keys, Restless Shore, Windsward, Evergrove, and Brightwood. AlTheseones spawn fungi, mainly along each territory’s southern or eastern edge.

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Use the Trading Post

Alternatively, if you don’t feel like roaming the land and gathering fungi for yourself, you may always buy batches of fungi from the trading post.

A trading post is located in each major city, and you can arrange a Sell Order to buy fungi from other players. To do this:

  • Find your town’s local Trading Post.
  • Click the ‘Search Items’ option at the top and enter ‘Fungal Spores’.
  • Sort by price from Lowest to Highest.
  • Buy!

Fungal Spore Details

The spores of a mushroom.

Fungal Spores Item Description
  • Tier III
  • Weight: 0.2
  • Max Stack: 10,000
  • Ingredient Types: Protective Reagents, Tier 3 Protective Reagents
  • Source: Any Fungi
  • Used as a crafting material for magic weapons and gemstones.

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