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Where to Find Characters Around Jarilo VI in Honkai: Star Rail

Remember that heart-breaking goodbye to this planet? Well, now we’re back!

Almost as soon as it started, Honkai: Star Rail’s first arc had concluded, but there certainly is no reason to say goodbye because, unlike in Hoyoverse’s other games, you can actually go back to Jarilo-VI and see familiar faces in their natural state. Characters that are known to hang around certain areas can be found there; they won’t just be talked about and eluded to by these no-face NPCs. You can actually visit offices, buildings, undergrounds, and more to see your favorite characters from Honkai: Star Rail, and here’s where to find them. 

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Where to Find Bronya and Pela in Honkai: Star Rail

These lovely ladies keep it fairly easy for us to find them by working together in the Supreme Guardian’s Office, Qlipoth Fort. This isn’t a place you can get to by simply teleporting there like other places, and it doesn’t have an actual location on the map. So instead, the easiest way to get there is by taking the central Teleport in the Administrative District of Belobog and heading straight towards the stairs once you teleport into the map. 

Once at the office, Pela will be observing a bookshelf to your immediate right, and naturally, Bronya will be at the Supreme Guardian’s desk at the back of the room.

Where to Find Serval in Honkai: Star Rail

Serval is also a pretty easy character to find in Jarilo-VI, mostly because she hardly ever leaves the place where we usually find her, even when playing through the game’s story. Yup, you’ll find Serval right at home within her shop in the Administrative District. Taking a similar route by teleporting to the Central Plaza Teleport, you’ll hang a slight right when you reach the historic statue Pela is often hanging around in the story and follow the shop on the corner. Then, Serval is right there at the counter, where you can walk up and continue talking with her. 

Where to Find Gepard in Honkai: Star Rail

Gepard is part of the front-lines guard, so he’s actually going to be found outside of the city of Belobog. You can either take the path to get there, which involves you just walking north to the utmost point of the Administrative District so you can teleport to the next area naturally. Or you can be like me and just take the Frontline Teleport in the Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone. This teleport is the leftmost teleport near a mini-boss for Character Level-Up Materials and a Domain Challenge, indicated by the cog just left of the teleport. Once you teleport in, Gepard, ever the hard worker, is just to your immediate right standing next to another Silvermane Guard. Man, these are much easier than running around the Herta Space Station.

Where to Find Hook in Honkai: Star Rail

Our next few characters can only be found in the Underground, so guess where our little troublemaker will surely be? Yup, Hook can be found at the Fight Club Teleport in Boulder Town. But while she may not be found in the Fight Club or anywhere near Scott (Luka, protect her, please), she’s not too far from where you teleport in. Just north of the map or to your immediate right, when you teleport in, a staircase will take you up to a locked gate. You won’t be able to adventure out there since the map doesn’t extend that far, but what you will find is little Hook, looking out beyond the map as if plotting some diabolic plan.

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Where to Find Seele in Honkai: Star Rail

Our best soldier in the Wildfire rebellion, Seele, can naturally be found in the Underground though you might not see her anywhere in Belobog Town. Still, it would be cute if we could see her on occasion near the Orphanage. Since that place is dangerous, though, you’ll actually take the Vagrant Shelter Teleport in the Great Mines. This Teleport can be found to the right of the map in the large round encampment where you’ll find most of the miners with their tents. Once you teleport in, it’s time to play a game of “Spot the Main Character” since you can’t really miss out on where Seele is in the camp. She’s the most colorful one around. Adjusting your camera to the right a little, you can spot her across the encampment and meet up with Seele at the northmost section of the Miner’s Camp in this large area. 

Where to Find Natasha in Honkai: Star Rail

Finally, we got Natasha, and I bet you won’t guess where you can find our local hero nurse. None other than her very own Clinic. Taking Natasha’s Clinic Teleport at the southernmost teleport in Boulder Town. This will take you right to the front door of her Clinic, and once you enter into the building, she’ll be on the left side towards the back. Now this character you could actually overlook, unlike Seele; I know I’ve done it several times in the story. Her color palette actually looks like it belongs in the underground, but I digress. 

Can You Find Sampo in Honkai: Star Rail After the Story is Finished?

Last, but certainly not least… You’ll actually discover a bit of an anomaly here. Where can you find Sampo in Jarilo-VI? He’s present for a lot of the non-dangerous scenes when it comes to the story, and he’s been present in plenty of events that have occurred in Jarilo-VI, including the Museum Event as another Guide to hire, as well as his own Adventure Mission where you need to fetch items for him in the Great Mines. But… aside from that, does he actually have a place he can be found on the regular in Jarilo-VI?

The answer is no. Although he can still be seen in quests for this particular World, Sampo cannot be found in Jarilo-VI to talk to, unlike the other characters present, because he does not actually belong to Jarilo-VI. If you’ve noticed his splash art, you’ll notice that the city behind him doesn’t quite match up with what we’re seen in Belobog or the Underground. The game has already indicated that there is much more planned for Sampo’s involvement in the story, and thus far, we haven’t unlocked his native world. So, no bugging our local not-so-local thief just yet.

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For more guides on where to find characters after the story is concluded, make sure to check out where to find characters around Herta’s Space Station and give the Honkai: Star Rail game tag below this article a click to make sure you aren’t missing out on any other news and guides.

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