How to Find Hidden Quests in Honkai: Star Rail – Tips and Tricks

I spy an opportunity for Easter Eggs

Honkai: Star Rail has proven to have more than enough quests to delve into, although not all of them can be found in your Missions Log, and not all of them will navigate you to where you need to go. True to the traditional RPG rules, Honkai: Star Rail is full of hidden quests that are just out of your reach and yet can be underneath your nose. You just have to find the right places to look, an inquisitive mind, and the audacity to click a trashcan multiple times until it gives you a new icon.

Preface to Hidden Quests in Honkai: Star Rail

Now, while we can go into each hidden quest within Star Rail, counting them all would be almost impossible unless each minute of the game was recorded. These quests happen suddenly and are not listed in any of your aforementioned quest lists. They require you to remember the characters you’ve interacted with and know enough to go back to them when you have the chance. 

There are several to be found scattered about the world, and they just require you to be curious enough to try something only a traditional RPG would demand of you. We’ve covered just a handful that can appear in the story thus far, but for each update coming afterward, here’s a list of tips to keep in mind when you’re exploring the world of Honkai: Star Rail.

How to Find Hidden Quests in Honkai: Star Rail

Explore Previous Areas

Whether you’ve already completed everything there is to experience in this game or are a new player running through the motions of the story and exploring new areas, here is a piece of advice. You don’t need to worry about missing anything the first time you run through the Backwater Pass of Belabog or through the Cloudford of the Xianzhou Luofo. These areas are open anytime after you get through the story quest and are completely available to explore. In fact, it’s even imperative that you come back to the scene of the crime in case there’s anything you may have missed. 

There are several reasons to return to previous areas in Honkai: Star Rail, gather all of the chests in that area, challenge the stronger enemies for precious rewards, and hunt down that pesky Warp Trotter so the map is 100% complete. But funny enough, it’s not just for that. Returning to previous areas can help you stumble across previously unseen quests when you first ran through there. Honkai: Star Rail is small enough currently and will likely remain fairly closed in with its exploration mechanic that it isn’t going to take you and fine-tooth comb hours to go back over previous areas. 

Great examples of finding quests like these are the quests involving the young girl stuck among the boxes, which actually leads you to a series of actual Adventure Quests after helping her and discovering the secret behind the phone booth. In the Backwater Pass, there is a phone booth that you can interact with that introduces a series of events and a hint of what character to interact with afterward. While not all these quests will result in rewards, they do open more narratives behind the multifaceted people within Honkai: Star Rail’s world. 

Be Inquisitive

The best mindset to go into just about any RPG is to be curious! There are so many items and spaces to interact with in Honkai: Star Rail whether it’s the garbage cans or the Street Lamps. There’s a mini-story in each one or peculiar lines that you may just miss if you’re running through the motions, but the game devs specifically have placed love and care into the game for those types of explorative and inquisitive minds of its player base. There are Easter Eggs in almost every nook and cranny for gamers who have tried out Hoyoverse’s other games; sometimes, it’s iconography or a one-liner that you just didn’t expect to run into. There have been countless times when I’ve encountered Paimon’s line whenever you, as the Traveler, go beyond the map’s boundaries in places like Belabog’s Administrative District and in the Luofu when places are crossed off and not available yet in the story. This game begs to be explored and rewards those who go poking their nose where it doesn’t belong.

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The best example of this is in the Administrative District of Belabog near the Theatre. Near Tamila, there is a gate to the left of the Theatre that has a nervous man just beyond its bounds. Although we cannot cross over to that back alley, we can speak with the man and inquire about his well-being. Over the course of a few days, you can come back to this man and ask how he’s doing and what’s beyond the back alley, unraveling some eerie details about what’s just beyond that gate. It’s little quests like this and coming back day-to-day to water the plant in the Central Lobby of Herta’s Space Station that… talks?! These don’t reward you in the way of Stellar Jades, but the idea that they are there is fascinating, and uncovering those little secrets are achievements for yourself.  

Be Persistent and Bold

Some of my favorite mechanics in RPG games is the game just finally relenting to my antics of clicking on a trashcan 10 times for a Trash Icon or bugging a person over and over again until he finally gives me a reward to try and make me go away. Although I still haven’t gathered the courage to click off the power to every robot floating in Herta’s Space Station, it’s actions like this that can lead to unforeseen consequences, whether for the better or worse. 

Being stubborn can result in you getting some interesting achievements, especially when it comes to the passive Achievements you get for displaying a personality as the Trailblazer, whether it’s Silent, Apologetic, or Fight-Ready. Sticking to your guns and being willing to watch how a scene will play out due to your persistent actions is how you can get even more hidden quests and achievements. The best example is the Trash Can Icon or a Trash Can Helmet for interacting with EVERY trash-based item in Jarilo-VI, including dumpsters.

Talk to Everyone

“The Worst Character in the Game.”

This one, I actually kind of struggle with despite many years of Pokemon and Final Fantasy under my belt. But maybe that’s also why this can also feel tedious. Luckily, in Honkai: Star Rail, there are patches of people who you aren’t able to interact with, and those who walk around in regular cycles also aren’t people you can run into for a chat. Saves on time this way and fewer lines that the Hoyoverse writers need to come up with. It helps to know, in part, who some of the main cast is, and it’s not to say that this involves only the playable characters but those who are around them. Oleg from Wildfire, Scott from the Underground Fighting Ring, Tamila from the Theatre–these characters are part of a cast that your hidden quests could revolve around. Talking to them can help unlock more pathways for you to discover or learn more about the world in Honkai: Star Rail. 

One of its most important aspects is the stories that are planted everywhere, such as the young girl’s voice still remaining in the ruins of Rivet Town. The best example of talking to people is the dialogue and quests surrounding Scott from the Underground Ring. And why despite finding out some background information about him, he is still the most unforgivable character in Honkai: Star Rail. The Stellaron Hunters could destroy an entire world full of thousands of lives, but I will still think Scott is the biggest villain in this game.

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Hidden quests in Honkai: Star Rail are exceedingly hard to find and almost impossible to recount if you’re playing through the game idly. But hopefully, with this list of things to keep in mind when playing, you can enjoy the secrets and easter eggs littered throughout this game along with us! To keep track of the missions in Honkai: Star Rail, check out our list of Story Quests we’ve cataloged in Honkai: Star Rail, and be sure to check out the game’s tag just below this article for more news and guides so you’re never missing out!

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