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How to Get and Use Dazzling Rainbowite in Honkai: Star Rail

50/50 odds of disaster or a colorful, rainbow prize

by Madison Benson
Dazzling Rainbowite in Honkai Star Rail

What do you expect to find when you run through different areas in Honkai: Star Rail? Do you look around for treasure chests? Want to chat with a few NPCs? Are you running back and forth between locations during the main mission? While these are all normal things in the game, you’ll occasionally encounter a few secrets, particularly with this colorful, radiant item. If you want to learn more, continue reading to discover how to get and use Dazzling Rainbowite in Honkai: Star Rail.

How to Get Dazzling Rainbowite in Honkai: Star Rail

Dazzling Rainbowite is a bit of a random item. Even though it does have a particular use, it isn’t a consumable or a quest object. Before getting into that, though, let’s talk about how to get our hands on this peculiar item.

Our first destination for this little adventure is Jarilo-VI’s Boulder Town. Depending on how far you’ve progressed in the story, you may be familiar with areas like Natasha’s Clinic and the Goethe Hotel. In fact, the Goethe Grand Hotel in the top-right corner of Boulder Town is our first stop for today!

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Head to its space anchor and go directly east, past the hotel, until you reach the end of the alleyway. You’ll spot an NPC, the Treasure Chest Magician, alongside two chests. Speak to the NPC to hear about a little life-or-death game. The rules are simple: pick a chest and either get into combat with some enemies or win a prize!

Regardless of which treasure chest you pick first, you’ll eventually get to open the one with the prize, the Dazzling Rainbowite. However, if you want to avoid combat, choose the smaller, basic chest. Doing this rewards you with the Rainbowite!

Honkai Star Rail Dazzling Rainbowite Map

Don’t worry; I picked the larger chest and fought the enemies. It wasn’t too challenging and lasted about a minute. They aren’t the type of monsters that completely wipe your team.

What Is Dazzling Rainbowite Used For in Honkai: Star Rail?

Once you get your hands on the Dazzling Rainbowite, it’s time to put it to use! You’ll want to stay in Boulder Town, but this time, head south from the Magician’s spot, past the NPCs and market stalls, and turn left to find a Cable Car Operator and Balaway, the Ancient Relic Appraiser.

Honkai Star Rail Dazzling Rainbowite Balaway NPC

Talk to Balaway and tell him you have a fistful of crystals to give him the Dazzling Rainbowite in exchange for some credits and Praise of High Morals. Doing this wraps up this little journey and even nets you a small prize as a bonus!

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