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How to Get to Trailblaze Level 34 Fast in Honkai: Star Rail

One more grind wall to break

by Patrick Souza
Honkai Star Rail How To Level Up to 34

After finally arriving at the Xianzhou Luofu, Honkai: Star Rail players will quickly find themselves stuck on another roadblock before they can progress through the main story. The mission “New Friends Bring New Joy” requires you to reach Trailblaze Level 34 to continue. Getting more levels gets continuously harder as you progress, but you always have plenty of options to get more Trailblaze Experience. Here’s how to reach Trailblaze Level 34 fast in Honkai: Star Rail.

How to Reach Trailblaze Level 34 Fast in Honkai: Star Rail

The main methods you used in previous levels are still valid here, but after reaching completing certain quests and reaching Equilibrium 2, you get some extra experience sources here and there. The main options are:

  • Daily Training
  • Completing Adventure/Companion Missions
  • Using Trailblaze Power
  • Simulated Universe
  • Searching for Treasure Chests

You probably know how these work by now, so don’t neglect any of them. Some of these activities boast even better rewards, so they’re even more worth completing past-30.

Daily Training

Daily Training Level EXP Honkai Star Rail

The usual activity log you get every day. This is the best method for easy leveling since getting 500 Activity points gives you 1300 Trailblaze Experience. Activities range from simple things like completing a Daily Mission to clearing Calyxes, or sometimes even just taking photos! They usually won’t take you longer than 5 minutes to complete, so clear them as soon as you log into the game.

Trailblaze Power

The required energy for completing Calyx and other activities in the Survival Index. At Equilibrium 2, you gain access to better loot on all of them, in particular Cavern of Corrosion and Echo of War. 

Any of them is worth doing as long as you don’t leave your Power capped at 180 for too long. Echo of War is especially a good choice since it can net you extra Light Cones and other important loot too. However, you might wanna save some for the next activity.

You might have some Fuels waiting on your inventory, which restore 60 Power instantly each. They are best spent on farming Relics after Level 40 (when you can finally get 5-star ones), but it won’t hurt if you spend one or two of them just to get that final experience.

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Adventure and Companion Missions

You’re out of Trailblaze Missions, but there are probably various side quests just waiting for you to tackle them. Adventure Missions are simpler and give out some good experience rewards, while Companion Missions are a little bit longer and fully voiced, but usually yield extra loot (and experience).

Some missions will often branch out from others and sometimes even be divided into different Parts. A new part is usually only available the next day, so make sure you follow them until they’re definitely complete.

Simulated Universe

Honkai Star Rail Level Up to 34 Simulated Universe

The Simulated Universe is the game’s dungeon crawler mode, where you collect various Blessings and Curios to give you special buffs for tackling special, extra-powerful foes. Completing a new World for the first time gives you tons of extra experience, making it always a good place for getting some extra levels.

From World 3 onward, you can also use your Trailblaze Power to obtain the Planar Ornaments relics after defeating bosses. This is the only way of reliably getting them while also scoring some extra experience.

Treasure Chests

You cannot get all chests in most areas during your first visit, so you’ll always have to go back later to grab them all. A single chest won’t give that much exp by itself, but all chests in a map combined equal the same experience a 6-round Calyx would get you. Probably more, actually.

The Xianzhou Luofu zones are notably bigger than the previous ones and will often have over 20 chests each. Make sure you’re grabbing all of them!

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Getting to those levels is never an easy task, but you will definitely get lots of other good stuff along the way. Daily activities are definitely the most important but don’t neglect your quests and other permanent content. New areas and missions will open up to you after you reach 34, so don’t give up halfway and keep the grind going!

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