Where to Find Characters Around Herta’s Space Station in Honkai: Star Rail

Have you spoke to all of the Herta's?

One of the most exciting things in Honkai: Star Rail that you won’t see in Genshin Impact is the fact that you can actually interact with the main story characters in the open world after all the quests are said and done. While they may not say all that much, it’s such a small quality-of-life fix that Hoyoverse has implemented that makes it feel like the characters are a part of the story and not just temporary actors. Also, if I were only allowed to interact with Peppy during quests, then what is the point of allowing me to pet them? Without further ado, here’s where to find your favorite characters in Honkai: Star Rail around Herta’s Space Station. Just follow the circle on Pom-Pom’s notepad!

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Where to Find Asta in Herta’s Space Station

Asta is most definitely the easiest character to find by far in the Space Station. You can always find her at the helm in the Master Control Zone of the Space Station. You take the teleport labeled the Central Passage that is closest to the Internal Purchase Officer where you trade in your Hertareum. Then you only need to follow the pathway past him to where Asta is waiting in the middle of the Master Control Zone. She isn’t really found in any other part of the Space Station even once her office is unlocked, but at least that makes it easier to find her whenever a quest appears!

Where to Find Arlan in Herta’s Space Station

Depending on what quests are going on, Arlan can be found in a couple of places, but at least he’s always in the same vicinity. Naturally, you’ll find this kiddo near the Security Station in the Supply Zone. Taking the same teleport you would use to get to the docking station of Herta’s Space Station, you’ll take the pathway just behind you so that you can take the ramp up to the room just to the left of the teleport. You might even be able to see the top of Arlan’s head through the window as you’re passing by. This is where Arlan hangs out most of the time with the exception of some quests, otherwise, he can be found outside talking with officers. 

Where to Find Peppy in Herta’s Space Station

Of course, you need to know where to find Peppy. His presence is one of the most important in the Space Station! Luckily, he’s fairly easy to find too. If you follow the directions that lead you to Asta, there are actually two stairwells, one that leads east and one that leads west. If you take the eastern staircase then Peppy is right there waiting at the vending machine. You can pet him, train him, and overall, just enjoy his adorable visage. 

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All of Herta’s Locations in her own Space Station

As you well know, Herta doesn’t exactly just have one location… So, here are all of her placements around the Space Station.

  • The most obvious place to find her is in Herta’s Office. Whether you take the doorway from the Master Control Zone to get there or teleport directly to the Simulated Universe, you’re going to find her just to the right of the active station where you challenge the SU weekly.
  • The next place is actually in the Master Control Zone, you’ll recognize this place from the prologue of the story since it’s where we first meet her! The best way to get here is one of two routes, from teleporting to Herta’s Office and taking the pathway that leads north from when you’re exiting that doorway then following along until you meet her at the end of the staircase. Or, you can take the Central Passageway Teleport and hang left to the Internal Purchase Officer where you can take the staircase to your immediate left after passing him to visit Herta that way. 
  • The next most available Herta is the sole one in the Base Zone. There’s no real easy way to get to her, but you’re best bet will be the teleport in the lobby area. The Base Zone is the Map with a U-Shape and from where you teleport in the main lobby, you’ll be taking the left long hallway. There are no enemies down this way, only the Warp Trotter if you haven’t gotten them yet. Then Herta will be in the room at the very end towards the backmost part of the room, looking at the screens.
  • The next place to find Herta is in the Storage Zone, Floor Two. You can get to her through the Second Floor Special Purpose Lab teleport. Suffice it to say, it’s the only teleport on the Second Floor so it’s pretty easy to get to! In the Navigation Tab or the Map, you can select which area you want to visit, then in the bottom left-hand corner, select the Floor you’d like to see displayed on the map. Selecting Floor Two will show you all the items that are present on that floor, other icons will indicate with an arrow if that teleport is below you. To get to Herta, you’ll need to exit the room you are in and enter the main section where the elevator is. You’ll take a right and take the path that wraps around the elevator to the opposite section of the room. Herta should be directly across from you when you’re passing by. The pathway diverts with one section leading towards her and the other towards an Enemy Challenge, if you haven’t yet completed it. 
  • Did you know you can return to the first area you arrived in as a Trailblazer? You can and get an achievement for it too! Funny enough, Herta is now there to also make sure she doesn’t get taken over by hackers again. Just in case. On the First Floor is a Teleport called Gallery of Shadow which is the easiest teleport to get back to this room as well as see Herta right by where you spawned. 
  • The last place to find Herta is in the Supply Zone, the same as Arlan, but she’ll be faster to spot. As soon as you pop up in the teleport to the Railway Platform, you can make a 180, and Herta will be right there in the corner. Since the teleport usually has you facing the docking station.

And that’s all the characters! I really wish that Hoyoverse would implement the same features to Genshin Impact since there are so many characters that could be littered about the map, but no… You only usually see them through events when they loiter about and during the story when they are on the map. Then they are gone forever. 

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The game devs really just took all of our complaints and suggestions from previous games and then pumped them into Honkai: Star Rail. But I guess that’s fine since this game has proven to be an excellent experience thus far! To keep up with more updates on the game, be sure to check out their live streams so you’re never missing the news!

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