Where to Find All Fravashi Trees in Genshin Impact

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The Fravashi Trees are part of a Genshin Impact sidequest located in the Northern desert areas. They revolve around completing a small ritual where you bring some of the ancient Pari back into their original home at the Vourukasha Oasis. All in the most traditional Genshin fashion with puzzles, rewards and achievement involved.

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Interacting with one of the trees requires using Sorush and triggers the “Pale Fire” questline as soon as you mess with the first one. Each tree has its own quest with varying goals, ranging from collecting items, defeating enemies or just following the Pari around using Sorush. To make things easier, here’s where you can find all of them.

All Fravashi Tree Locations in Genshin Impact

There’s a total of 10 Fravashi Trees to be found, and each of them gives you an extra Plume of Purifying Light, essential for completing the Amrita Pool. Eight of them are available from the moment you receive Sorush from the Khvarena of Good and Evil quests, while the final two are locked behind completing later steps of this lengthy questline.

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Fravashi Tree 1

Easy to come by through any of the nearby teleports. Collect all the fragments that appear using Sorush to satisfy its Pari fellow.

Fravashi Tree 2

Right next to the previous tree, so don’t worry about which order you tackle them. Follow the Pari around with Sorush until you get the Plume.

Fravashi Tree 3

Found in the overworld, also easy to reach with teleports. Defeat all enemies to conclude its challenge.

Fravashi Tree 4

Head for the Statue of the Seven and use some of the strategically-positioned Four-Leaf Sigils to reach it. Follow the Pari with Sorush to complete its objective and be careful not to stray away from the starting point.

Fravashi Tree 5

Plenty of teleports next to this one, so the hardest part is to reach the tree’s height. Most of the fragments are upward, so look up and start gathering them.

Fravashi Tree 6

Jump down from here and follow the path (Screenshot by Prima Games)

Go for the nearby waypoint and enter the cave behind it. Keep following it until you reach a wooden bridge. The tree is located in an entrance right below it. Collect three Udumbara Pistils around Asipattravana Swap to complete the Pari’s request.

Fravashi Tree 7

While at the same cave as the previous tree, keep moving forward until you find the tree next to an underground waypoint. Or just use said Waypoint if you already unlocked it. The fragments she requests are mostly around the Wenut’s frozen corpse.

Fravashi Tree 8

Jump down from the nearby teleport and speak with the Pari that asks you for the remaining 3 Udumbara Pistils in the area. Deliver them to it and complete its requests.

Fravashi Tree 9

Right after the underground waypoint nearby, but only accessible after progressing through the main quest in the area after you clear the big barrier next to tree number 8.

Fravashi Tree 10

Take the underground waypoint and hold Sorush’s skill so she can open the way for you. The frozen wolves will attack you as soon as you interact with the Pari, so deal with them quickly. 

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Complete all 10 trees and speak with Zurvan back in the Oasis to complete the Pale Fire quest and get the Homeward-Bound Spirits achievement, alongside some extra Primogems for all that effort. Whew.

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