Where to buy the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Amiibo

Where to Buy the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Amiibo

Gotta buy 'em all!

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak has arrived on Switch and PC, bringing the long-awaited expansion to the latest installment of the popular monster-hunting action game. Sunbreak brought quite a number of new monsters, a new map, quests, and equipment, but also new amiibo figures that you can use with the game or keep as a decoration on the shelf. Either way, many Monster Hunter fans are wondering where to buy these Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak amiibo. Find out below.

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Where to buy the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak amiibo?

Three amiibo figures from Sunbreak – Canyne Malzeno Palamute, Malzeno, and Felyne Malzeno Palico – are only available on the UK My Nintendo Store.

At the time of writing, all three are out of stock elsewhere, but you can try your luck on the following links if you’re in the UK:

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Log in with your account and click on the “Notify me” button next to the out-of-stock information. As of now, most of these amiibo are not available in the US – a shame. Although, you can still get the Malzeno one but only if you go for the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Deluxe Edition (physical) that comes with:

  • Malzeno amiibo
  • Monster Icon Sticker Pack
  • Elgado Mark Enamel Pin
  • Exclusive Steelbook

As for the other two, you will still have to wait for them to eventually become available in the US or get them from the UK store once they restock.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is available now for Switch and PC, but amiibo figures can only be used with Nintendo version of course.

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