All Monsters in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - Listed

All Monsters in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak – Listed

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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is the first major expansion for the hugely popular new Monster Hunter sequel for Nintendo Switch and PC. Since Rise emerged on Switch in early 2021 and then in January 2022 on PC, it has become the most played Monster Hunter to date. Millions who have already tasted all the content eagerly awaited the news of the expansion that soon arrived, and now that Sunbreak is finally here, let’s take a look at all the new monsters it contains.

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All Monsters in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Check out the list below for all of the new monsters in the Sunbreak expansion for the Monster Hunter Rise and where to find them. And if you haven’t picked up the DLC yet, you can get it from GameCamp.

  • Daimyo Hemitaur – Located at the start of the Sunbreak expansion
  • Blood Orange Bishaten – Third urgent quest
  • Garangolm – The final urgent MR2 quest
  • Shogun Ceanataur – In MR3 quests
  • Aurora Somnacanth – The first urgent MR3 quest
  • Lunagaron – The final urgent MR3 quest
  • Astalos – In MR4 quests
  • Seregios – In MR4 quests
  • Magma Almudron – In MR4 quests
  • Espinas – In MR4 quests
  • Gore Magala – In MR4 quests
  • Pyre Rakna-Kadaki – In MR4 quests
  • Malzeno – The final urgent MR4 quest
  • Shagaru Magala – The first urgent MR5 quest
  • Gaismagorm – The final urgent MR5 quest

After you defeat Gaismagorm, you start the Sunbreak endgame where you can fight Afflicted monsters, AKA more powerful versions of ones you already faced that aren’t infected with Qurio. Good hunting!

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is available now for Nintendo Switch and PC. You can get it, and other great games for cheap, from GameCamp.

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