Skull Rock in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Where is Skull Rock in Disney Dreamlight Valley? – Answered

Taking a stroll along the beach to find a massive skull

Throughout your Disney Dreamlight Valley adventures, you’ll have to travel all around the map to find clues to mysteries, items for fellow villagers, and treasure to help make you some money! There’s plenty to see in the game, and it’s up to you to figure out what to do first.

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At some point, you’ll likely find yourself helping Ariel the Mermaid reunite with Prince Eric, initiating a series of quests searching for clues on his whereabouts. Along the way, you’ll have to locate and search around Skull Rock to find his sunken ship. If you’re already past this point, you may instead find yourself helping a particular little blue alien. If you’re interested in learning more, continue reading to discover where to find Skull Rock in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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Updated June 23, 2023, by Madison Benson: Added more information about the Orb of Unity and its Skull Rock pillar puzzle. I also included a table of contents to make navigation easier.

Skull Rock Location in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Skull Rock is a large stone structure along the southeastern part of Dazzle Beach. When you arrive in Dazzle Beach, make your way to the southeast island hosting the orb pillar. The Skull Rock is next to this small island, surrounded by palm trees. You don’t have to unlock any specific bridges or paths to it as long as you’ve opened Dazzle Beach.

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As seen in the image above, Skull Rock is quite hard to miss!

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Finding Prince Eric at Skull Rock

Depending on what quests you’re trying to complete, you may need to complete a few tasks here. One example is one of Ariel’s friendship quests tasking you to search for Prince Eric. In this quest, you make your way to Skull Rock, the one described above, and fish near it to pick up a quest item. The right fishing spot appears above two underwater crates from his ship, making it slightly easier to identify.

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Finding Stitch Using the Skull Rock Homing Beacon

If you’re instead searching for Stitch, the blue alien, and need to place a Homing Beacon down, your focus won’t be on the massive rock. Rather, you’ll put it on the island itself as a furniture item, situated right in front of Skull Rock.

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Looking for Nala’s Lioness Statue

You may also be searching for a Lioness Statue for Nala. In this case, look for a sparkling dirt mound and dig it up to find the jeweled statue! From here, you’ll return it to Nala to progress through her quest line and find more statues.

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How to Restore the Skull Rock Pillar Using the Orb of Unity

At the end of Disney Dreamlight Valley’s first act, you’ll uncover an Orb of Unity in the Dark Castle that you can place into the Skull Rock pillar. Doing this starts the Between a Skull Rock and a Hard Place quest, prompting you to solve a puzzle using the other seven statues around Dreamlight Valley. Place them in the pattern shown below to solve the puzzle and restore Skull Rock!

Pillar of Unity Puzzle Skull Rock DDLV

Disney Dreamlight Valley is available to play on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation platforms through the official website. If you’re interested in learning more about the game, check out How to Make Hot Cocoa and How to Catch Cod in Disney Dreamlight Valley or click the tag below to browse our entire DDLV article collection!

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