Disney Dreamlight Valley With Combat Got Weird Real Fast

I Thought About Disney Dreamlight Valley With Combat and It Got Weird Real Fast

If I knew why, I'd tell you

Okay, I’ll admit it. There are a lot of questions you might have about this. Why did I think about combat and fighting in Disney Dreamlight Valley? What would this even look like? Could this happen? Honestly, those are all difficult questions to answer, but my brain came up with a few ways. Without further ado, let’s talk about some of my thoughts about combat in Disney Dreamlight Valley and how strange some of them got.

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Be careful, though. There are some spoilers up ahead.

Let’s Talk Magic

The immediate thought I had the second this appeared in my head was using magic. After all, magic is the perfect package for video game and movie combat. It fits nearly any situation, ranging from gruesome and gory games to slice-of-life. Magic is even a defining feature of Disney Dreamlight Valley, with your character using magical abilities to restore the cursed land to its former glory. How could the game implement this in a combat setting, though?

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My first thought: Using your magical powers again evil, shadow versions of existing characters. This partially exists in the game already, but in its Early Access state, there’s very little information on where this’ll go. It could go plenty of ways, but a likely answer combines the power of the pillars with your character’s magic.

While sure, restoring the pillars and reviving Dreamlight Valley may be enough to rid these shadows, what if there was a battle at the end? What if you gain a magical weapon exclusively to fight these shadows as a “final boss”? It could occur in a distorted reality, a separate Realm, or even right in the middle of the Plaza. There’s plenty of potential for where Disney Dreamlight Valley’s endgame could go. Still, it’d be pretty cool if there was an impressive showdown at the end with some stylish magic and a satisfying conclusion.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Battle Area
The battle of the century, right in the middle of the Forgotten Lands! | Image via Disney Dreamlight Valley, Edited by Prima Games

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Here’s Where It Gets Weird

If combat was ever introduced into the game, magic would likely be the way to go. What if there was more, though? We’re starting to get into some weird territory here, but hear me out. If we go back to the evil shadow idea for a moment, why not try to twist the imagination to include swords? Special bows? Other wacky weapons that fit the cartoonish, friendly theme? I mean, hey, we have a character from The Sword in the Stone here! Imagine using a sword like that to slay enemies without spilling blood? It’d make for some interesting gameplay that takes away from the occasional monotony of farming, fetching items, and cooking food.

Let’s Look at Fashion

When it comes to combat attire, there’s a shocking number of choices already available in the game. Between the Grand Wizard clothes, camo attire, and the Incredibles Hero Suit, there is no shortage of battle-ready outfits. Sure, you can wear these while shopping at Scrooge McDuck’s shop, but you could definitely purge some evil too.

The best part? You wouldn’t even need specific clothes. After all, who doesn’t want to wield an almighty sword while wearing a comfortable sweater and jeans? If comfort isn’t your style, you can wear a fancy vest and matching pants. What about a dress? Your options are nearly limitless!

Personally, I’d don either a Skeleton Onesie or a Thorn-Laden jacket and pants. Oh, and can’t forget some wings! We’re here for extra style points, after all. Wearing Mickey Mouse ears might be a bit much, though. I’ll let you think about that for a bit.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Combat Outfit
Ready for battle! | Image via Disney Dreamlight Valley, Edited by Prima Games

Will Combat Ever Become a Reality in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

While many of these are random thoughts floating around in my head, the question remains: Could this become a reality? Is there any chance that combat will become an actual feature by the time the game releases? Will we ever become sword-wielding knights or use our magic to rid evil entities? Honestly, I don’t have an answer to any of these.

At the end of the day, these are some odd ideas that could fit in somewhere. At the same time, they don’t fit the game’s main theme of relaxing in the Valley, making new friends and having a grand old time trying to restore it to its former glory. Only time will tell where the game’s future goes, but for now, I’m satisfied with planting a bunch of pumpkins and befriending every character I meet.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is available to play on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation platforms through the official website. If you’re interested in learning more about the game, check out our You’re My Favorite Deputy Quest Guide and How to Catch Festive Fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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