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Where is Hoz in Tears of the Kingdom? – Answered

The elusive captain

by Patrick Souza

After coming down from the Great Sky Island in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Link heads to the Hyrule Castle to tell his companions about his not-so-marvelous encounters above the clouds and discuss his newly discovered powers. Most importantly, he has yet to locate Zelda, so Purah sends him to talk with Captain Hoz.

Finding him can be quite tricky as you know he’s around the castle, but that’s pretty much it about the info you have on him. Don’t worry as while his location might not be as intuitive as you could imagine, it’s still not that hard to find. Here’s how to find Hoz in Tears of the Kingdom.

How to Find Hoz in Tears of the Kingdom

Captain Hoz is located at the lookout of the First Gatehouse tower at the -0332, 0843, 0133 coordinates. Head straight past the Kyonosis Shrine and open the door with the Ultrahand (or climb your way past the walls), then keep heading straight into the road until you eventually reach the gatehouse.

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As mentioned by various NPCs in your way, Hoz is at the top of the structure, so don’t be nervous if you don’t find him immediately as you enter it. Search for a point to use Ascend instead, or just start climbing up your way to him if that works better for you.

You’ll trigger a cutscene after first speaking with him, and he’ll send you directly to your next objective in order to prepare for exploring the outer worlds. He’ll be gone once you leave the area, so give him a last sight before heading to your adventurous destiny.

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That’s pretty much it for finding Hoz. Take your time exploring around as the depth of Hyrule Castle holds various treasures waiting for you to find them. You might wanna get ready before tackling this area and learn some new tricks, such as shooting in slow-motion arrows with your bow

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