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Tears of the Kingdom: All Lomei Sky Labyrinth Terminals

Drive to the sky.

by Jesse Vitelli

In Tears of the Kingdom, the labyrinth puzzles are back, but this time they have a whole new layer to them. Instead of just being one labyrinth with death traps, there is now a sky component. In order to access the Sky Lomei Labyrinth, you’ll need to first clear out the Labyrinth on the surface. Once you’re in the Sky Labyrinth, you’ll need to find some hidden terminals. Here are all of the Lomai Sky Labyrinth Terminals in Tears of The Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom: All Lomei Sky Labyrinth Terminals TOTK

Once you’ve gained access to the Sky Labyrinth, you’ll be tasked with finding four hidden terminals within the labyrinth to continue on. The locations of these terminals are not clearly marked, but in the image below, you can see the location of all four that we’ve highlighted for you.

We recommend returning to the shrine at the beginning of the labrynth each time you activate a terminal. This will make your life easier and cut down on time traversing the area trying to find your way around.

The top two corner terminals are easy enough to spot, but the two closer to the entrance a tucked away and you will need to look down to spot them.

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The one on the left looks like the image below.

Just look for some mossy rocks and the terminal will be hidden away near there.

The one on the right is also in a similar boat. Check out the image below for a little context.

After you’ve activated all four terminals it’s time to plunge to the depths as see what awaits you below.

That’s all of the terminals in the Lomei Sky Labyrinth. For more tips, tricks, and guides stay right here at Prima Games. Have you found the Dark Link outfit yet? Here’s how to get the Dark Link outfit in Tears of the Kingdom.

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